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Studio 10 appearance!

Studio 10 appearance!

We couldn't have been more excited about our feature on Studio 10 today! To be a relatively small business with such amazing exposure is something we never dreamed of! Check out the video here and share, love, or tag us on Facebook if you feel so inclined. I'd love for you to help me spread the word about our products that are changing lives all over Australia (and the world..).  Give it a second to load as it is high quality video.

Thank you for all of your support, 

Kelly x


August 21, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Guest Blog - 8 ways to help keep the family organised by using a planner

Guest Blog - 8 ways to help keep the family organised by using a planner

Here at Daily Orders we love to help other small businesses like ours thrive! We've recently run the Small Business Sunday campaign, but are now thrilled to introduce this guest blog from Erin. 

Erin is a Mum of two, wife and Primary School teacher as well as the Founder of and Blogger at //celebrate play//. She lives a busy, yet simple and enjoyable life in Sydney. Her greatest passions are family, organisation, gift-giving, helping others, celebrating events and lifelong learning. You can find her at the //celebrateplay// private online support group or visit her coming soon website. 


The secret to 'near effortless' organisation always begins with the right tools and ensuring you are using them the best way you can so that it fits your life. So whether you are on the hunt for ideas to help with working more productively, or ready to adopt a new system or combine more than one system together or perhaps just simply wanting to revamp an existing system that already works, the one tool you will need is a planner. Today I'm sharing the ways in which a planner can help organise the family, including what works for us over at //celebrate play// HQ.

Meal Planning - Meal Planners are a place to record meal ideas for a specified period of time. They can be found in the form of a laminated poster, paper planner, ceramic wall planner, whiteboard or chalkboard. Planning our meals (breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks) has made cooking and food preparation easy, alleviated stress, eliminated waste and encouraged variety in our household. After trawling online for ideas and inspiration, lots of trial and error and changes as needed, we finally have a system working for us (most of the time) and are continuing with this for now (yep, it will change as required). This system involves using a laminated weekly meal planner but soon to be a small planner from Daily Orders, along with doing a weekly grocery shop, having a planning day and a baking day (half a day). The planner is filled in once a week on a scheduled 'planning day' and the recipes come from a master list of family favourites, including Little Bento World Sandwich Filler printable, online sites such as My Lovely Little Lunchbox along with The Organised Housewife.

Morning and Afternoon Routines - Mornings set the tone of the day for us - they either energise us or drain us. Our morning routine came about with the combination of trial and error and inspiration from our favourite authors and bloggers.  And even now, it still doesn't always go to plan - as that is the nature of life, but the key to success for us has been to keep it simple. We have kept it simple by choosing 5 things to complete each morning (aka Daily 5) because this is what we can manage. The children's morning routine has also been simplified to 5 daily tasks too and their routine is displayed visually with routine cards (more on this further down). The intention was to keep these five tasks the same until they became daily habits and once they were a part of our everyday life, consider introducing new tasks as needed. Afternoons - work much the same way with daily tasks, however, there are only 3 tasks. This fits in our current afternoon schedule. If you choose to adopt this idea, you may find you can fit in more or less daily tasks pending on what works for your family.

This concept was inspired from Leanne over at Organising the Four of Us.  Check out the Leanne Baker Daily Range by Padtastic and The Leanne Baker Daily Facebook group to see how the morning and afternoon routines can be recorded in a planner.

Play Planning - This year we combined two of our greatest passions (organisation and play) and created a Play Planner for use in our home . It is a place to schedule our weekly play activities, set goals, store an inventory list of our play resources, record our children's current interests and achievements along with ideas for purchasing new play resources which makes it easier to come up with gift ideas for ourselves, family and friends come birthday and Christmas times. I can also foresee the Daily Orders small weekly planner being an ideal place to record our weekly play ideas. 

Daily Schedule/Diary - A daily schedule/diary is one of the most common planners used. They are available in stores, online and often come in a huge variety of styles to cater for personal preferences. These days they are also available digitally in the form of apps. I like to keep a track of our daily activities on paper or a wall planner (I am a list person) even though our schedule is often jam packed, seeing it on paper/wall planner makes me feel like I have a handle of things. Our usual planner wasn't available this year, so we created our own. We record our daily schedule (appointments, social events etc), daily 4 (priorities for the middle of the day) and a to do list (aka the rolling to do list -the jobs that seem to roll on for a few days until they are completed) - surely I am not alone in this, right? This planner is our most used planner at //celebrateplay// HQ.

Goal setting- Goal setting is an important aspect to any type of plan. It helps determine direction, encourage persistence and allows for moving forward in life. Every month we use our planner to record personal and family goals. Personal goals vary from different sources such as work, experience, interests and aspirations whilst family goals tend to focus on what our family needs and wants. After browsing the Daily Orders range, I can see the monthly planner working well to record monthly goals in the Notes section.

Self Care - Self Care isn't always a first priority when leading such busy lives. For us at //celebrateplay// HQ, it is something we've grown to realise as not needing to be anything fancy that takes several hours, but moreso, something that needs to be planned for. It can be something simple that allows us to take a breath, feel great about ourselves and improve our overall well-being.

Shopping - Shopping lists are another very common type of planner and are sometimes combined with other planners such as daily planners or meal planners. For us, it is combined with our daily planner in the shape of a small section to note top-up items needed when shopping eg. Groceries, play resources, clothing, gifts for social events and other items. However, we also use another planner printable for grocery shopping.

Visual Timetable/Routine Chart - Creating visual timetables with routine cards for all family members is a great way to keep track of schedules, responsibilities and holds everyone accountable for their organisation. Did you know that our brains are hardwired to love routine? ...so even if things in our homes seem chaotic and somewhat disorganised, there is a pattern in there somewhere. There is a multitude of information and routine cards online to find which ones best meet the needs of your family. I have linked the routine cards we use above.

I know that the Daily Orders community are sure to have some clever organisational hints, tips and hacks that help keep their family organised particularly when it comes to a planner and perhaps even a favourite Daily Orders planner that works for them. I would love to hear from you!!

One organisational tip that comes to mind for us at //celebrateplay// HQ is colour co-ordinating each aspect of our planner onto the Daily Orders planner eg. Goals (green), Play Ideas (yellow), Top-up Shopping Items (blue), Self Care (pink) and Meal Ideas (orange).




August 13, 2017 by Kelly Walter
10,000 likes GIVEAWAY

10,000 likes GIVEAWAY


Daily Orders has recently hit a massive 10K followers! To thank you for all of your support and to celebrate the hard work of all of the Small Business Sunday participants, we've banded together to create a huge GIVEAWAY! 

Here's what you can win!

* ONE (1) winner will receive a Little Bubba Size 2 Max Stripe Sleeveless Bodysuit stripe print and a Size 2 Monster Short sleeve body suit + regular post

* ONE (1) winner will receive a Cockatoo CollectionWombat Cushion + regular post 

* ONE (1) winner will receive a The Jack & Ollie Store high chair caddy + regular post

* ONE (1) winner will receive Small Weekly Daily Orders Wall Planner, plus 5 liquid chalk markers+ regular post

* ONE (1) winner will receive a Squid Threads 'Lil Squid' T-shirt in their choice of available colours + regular post

* ONE (1) winner will receive a copy of a My School Adventure“The Art Show that came to Life at Bundock Primary School” choose your own adventure style book + regular post

That's a massive SIX WINNERS in total!!

Check out these amazing businesses and 'like' them too as they're the ones giving you these prizes! YOU MUST CLICK ON THE ORANGE LINK TO ENTER :)



To win ONE of the 6 prizes listed above, entrants are required to:

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Entry will only be valid if the comment is added to the giveaway image post. Proof of share will be required by way of screenshot.

The giveaway will start at 7.55 pm AEST on Wednesday 26th of July 2017 and will end at 11.59pm AEST Wednesday 02 August 2017

All terms and conditions are available herehttps://www.facebook.com/notes/daily-orders/small-business-sunday-giveaway/1942496369295842/

This giveaway is being run by Daily Orders. The promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing information to Daily Orders, not to Facebook.

July 27, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small business Sunday - Boxed Temptations

Small business Sunday - Boxed Temptations

Over the past 2 months I have had the wonderful privilege of reviewing many items for small businesses in order to help build their profile and show them the love. This week, I have bought something for myself from Boxed Temptations. There’s no hiding that I am a Thermomix owner, and from time to time, I like to make a nice hot chocolate but I’ve always had boring old mugs to put them in and they’ve never felt special.

Well that all changed this week when my new mugs arrived from specialist gift box store, Boxed Temptations. I love love love my new Chai Latte mugs! I love that there is no handle, I love that you can feel the warmth of your drink through the ceramic. There is something calming about it. They were boxed beautifully too, even after being in transit, the mugs were sitting there in their straw and tissue wrap. Hug attention to detail, which I also love.

Heidi Karrasch created Boxed Tempations because she found that all searches for gift boxes led to overly expensive boxed sets or items that just weren’t up to scratch in terms of quality. She wanted a box that was useful, personal and filled with a range of quality items and brands, but she couldn’t find this combination anywhere, so like a great entrepreneur, she started her own business!

Heidi is proud to support Australian owned or made products through her site, with prices as low as $7.00 per item, which is insanely affordable. Her items include things as cool as earrings, special leak proof pouches where you can grow your own herbs – perfect for apartment dwellers with little room, delicious tea and even some truly unique bike chain cufflinks.

Shipping was a breeze with a courier dropping the box right to my door, too, which is perfect for me, especially in this horrible Melbourne winter. With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, Boxed Temptations is the perfect stop to grab some unique gifts for that special Papa Bear in your life, or for any upcoming birthday, or just because. We all love those ‘just because’ presents.

Pop over and see what Boxed Temptations has to offer. You won’t be disappointed :) Now that I have Chai Latte mugs, I guess I’ll be upgrading my hot chocolate to a Vanilla Chai Latte! Hope you will too :) Go and check them out here Boxed Temptations

Boxed Temptations

Boxed Temptations

July 23, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small business Sunday - Empowering Resources

Small business Sunday - Empowering Resources

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a lot of stories going on in my head. In fact, it makes me tired just thinking about the amount of stuff I have going on up there. Thankfully, I have never put pen to paper to write a book because I’m sure it would come out in some other language.

One author I know, however has the admirable skill of being able to write stories that not only connect with children, but empower them. I am talking about Naomi Hunter, Director of publishing company Empowering Resources. Naomi and her husband, Jeremy, created Empowering Resources with the following mission:

“To be a leader of dialogue. To be a voice. To provide resources that initiate conversations in the home and in the media. We lead dialogue by representing authors and speakers who have a story to share. We provide resources that help people of any age understand complex emotional and psychological issues. Our dialogue is structured for a child’s level of understanding.”

It is safe to say that they do not disappoint. Since their inception, I have purchased three of their books – “A Secret Safe to Tell”, “Even Mummy Cries”, and “Just Like Molly”. “Just Like Molly” was written by another author, but I will discuss that a bit later.

Naomi’s first book, “A Secret Safe to Tell” is quite a confronting story about body safety and the importance of not keeping secrets when something is making you uncomfortable. As an adult who knows the author’s story, it brings out very deep emotions and fear. As a child reading or hearing the story, it allows them to realise that a trusted adult will allow you to set your mind at ease, and allow you to tell your truth, without judgement or fear. A feeling every child should have in their lives.

“Even Mummy Cries”, is a book that is particularly close to my heart as I am one of those Mums who cries….a lot. Sometimes my daughter understands but sometimes she just doesn’t. Whether it is a happy or a sad cry, sometimes it can be overwhelming. This book has the ability to tell kids that it is ok for Mummy to cry. Sometimes she has rough days, but in the end, she will always love you, no matter what. No matter how many times I tell my kids I love them, even on the bad days, sometimes it takes another voice to help them hear the message.

The final book that I have had the pleasure of reading in my house, is my daughter’s favourite, and I think I know why. This book was written by a young lady named Pippa Dowling. She wrote “Just Like Molly” when she was just 10 years old. She speaks in a child’s language and connects easily. “Just Like Molly” focuses on the old childhood uncertainties of joining a new school or environment, and it gives reassurance that there is a friend out there that is perfect for them. This was particularly pertinent in our house when our daughter joined a new Kinder group. It helped her understand that whilst she could still be close to her old friends, she would also find friends in her new group too.

On a personal level, I have known the Hunters for a very long time, and to see their messages be passed on to families in such a special way makes me extremely proud, and to build a publishing company that allows other authors to share their stories is just phenomenal.

I’m also very excited to share the news with you that they’re expecting another 7 titles for delivery in August! There is a whopping 20% off the price if you order before they arrive to the publisher, and you can get free shipping if you enter code ‘freeship’ at checkout. I invite you all to look at http://www.empoweringresources.com.au/ and once you’ve had a browse, click on the Purchase button to chose your book or pack. If you have children in your lives, I can assure you, there will be at least one book in their collection that will strike a chord.

July 09, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small Business Sunday - The Artshow That Came to Life at Bundock Primary School

Small Business Sunday - The Artshow That Came to Life at Bundock Primary School

When I was a younger I loved to read. As a teenager some of my favourites were books by R.L. Stine and John Marsden’s “Tomorrow when the War Began” series. That’s still my favourite series to be honest! Along with these books, I was also a HUGE fan of choose your own adventure books. I loved being able to get to the bottom of the page to discover where my decision would take me. Not only did it mean that you could go on one adventure, like in a normal book, it meant that the next day, you could read it again and come out with a completely different ending. I loved the brilliance of the writing. Complicated to write, but very, very cool to read.

Melanie Notaras has come up with a choose your own adventure with a superb twist. Not only has Melanie written and illustrated this book beautifully, but it has a whopping 22 possible endings. The title of the book is “The Art Show that came to life at Bundock Primary School and can be bought by itself for your young adventurer to read. But what makes this adventurous book even twistier, is that these choose your own adventure books are the centre of a new school fundraising initiative that encourages reading and community involvement rather than chocolates or biscuits, which often promote poor eating and exclude a wide range of participants due to allergies or other health concerns.

The standalone book is called “The Art Show that came to life at Bundock Primary School” but when purchased as a fundraiser, the book features your school’s name, four teachers, uniform colour, local art galleries and book cover, which helps to bring your children right into the story.

Even better, Melanie’s books are printed locally in Australia and both the books and the shipping cartons are produced from renewable resources which means that they are not only great for our children’s minds, but great for the planet too!

So next time your committee comes to you with fundraising ideas, wanting to do yet another Caramello Koala box, send them to www.myschooladventure.com where you can personalise your novel, raise funds for your school, encourage your children to read and the school gets to keep the profits from the sales of the book, to use at their discretion. Some people are so clever, aren’t they?!

If you’re interested purchasing the original book, “The Art Show that came to life at Bundock Primary School” head to , https://melanienotaras.wixsite.com/authorpage and if you’d like to start your fundraising adventure, head on over to www.myschooladventure.com

July 02, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small business Sunday - Love Twinkletoes

Small business Sunday - Love Twinkletoes

After you read this, make sure you have a look at the video. The video will make more sense :)

As a parent or carer of a child, when they grow up, you’re often left with the keepsake clothes that they wore as a baby, that you will treasure forever. They will sit in a box for years upon years, perhaps to get passed down to another generation, or perhaps even to just gather dust. Joanne Grimanis from Love Twinkletoes will change this for you forever. Joanne takes the clothes of loved ones or from special occasions and crafts them into the most beautiful keepsake items to cherish always.

When I sent our daughter’s baby clothes off to Joanne, I was excited and also a touch scared – what if it wasn’t perfect, what if our daughter’s baby clothes were gone forever? They’re so precious, and to be sending them to a complete stranger to cut into pieces was a big thing for me. My oh my, was I thrilled when I received my bear back, all nicely tucked into a box.

Rosie, as my daughter has now named her, was absolutely perfect. You’ll see from my reaction in the video at my immediate emotional response when I opened the box. Feelings of relief, love and happiness washed over me, knowing that I would forever have memories of our daughter as a baby, represented in this way.

Thinking also about friends who may have had an angel baby, or a little one who has gone too soon, or even for those with partners away for work, these keepsake bears are absolutely amazing and have the capacity to provide such comfort for people in times of need and mourning or grief. Rest assured, Joanne creates each piece individually and with the greatest of care, and your memories will be preserved forever. Crafting such beautiful work is a wonderful skill, and I can’t thank Joanne enough for our beautiful Rosie bear. If you’re thinking of a present for a loved one, or even yourself, it will be hard to go past Love Twinkletoes. Check them out at www.lovetwinkletoes.com.au

June 25, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small Business Sunday - Leroy's Boots

Small Business Sunday - Leroy's Boots

When you have a child, you pray that every little part of them will be perfect – or what you perceive to be as perfect. Sometimes, things don’t always go as we wish and we’re presented with challenges along the way.

When Lauren Christie was pregnant with her second son, Leroy, she found out that he was to be born with a clubfoot. What is a clubfoot, you ask? It is a congenital deformity of the foot, twisting the foot downwards and inwards from the ankle. Following the diagnosis, Lauren and her husband then became unlikely passengers on a rollercoaster ride of doctors visits, and treatment options.

At just four days old Leroy had a cast on his affected leg from groin to toes, which was changed twice a week for 3 months prior to being fitted with a special set of boots and a bar which he wore for 23 hours a day in an effort to straighten his feet so that he could learn to walk. Lauren decided to write a story about Leroy and his boots to help raise awareness for clubfoot and to also fundraise for Miraclefeet, with all profits now heading their way!

Lauren’s lighthearted book helps us understand that even though Leroy and his family were going through a very tough time, dealing with being different and ‘one being not like the other’ that that was ok. Leroy goes on adventures during the night when he has his boots on and lives out his fantasies – why? Because he can. Because he’s not going to let these boots and bar stop him from achieving.

I think particularly in this day and age, teaching our kids it is ok to be different, is absolutely crucial. Even at 5 years old, my daughter questions why she can’t do this or that when another child can. We are doing our very best to teach her that everyone is different. Some people are better at other things that her, whilst she is better than others in other pursuits. Leroy’s Boots explores this concept in a gentle way that can definitely be related to any difference in appearance, behaviour or skills in a child’s life. It reinforces the notion that you can be what you want to be no matter who you are, what you look like, or what challenges you’re going through and I think that is essential when everything is so focused on being ‘like’ others, and the competitiveness of the popularity contest that is social media.

Leroy’s Boots is an easy to read book, with beautiful illustrations that will make any parent or child appreciate the opportunities they have and seek to make the most of their lives. I highly recommend it.



Leroy's Boots



June 18, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small business Sunday - Juzii Jewellery

Small business Sunday - Juzii Jewellery

With a young girl in the house, any parcel that arrives in the mail was bound to be a hit, but when we received Juzii Jewellery’s package, let’s just say her excitement level went into overload! With a Silver Netball necklace and a Golden Horse Necklace, she couldn’t decided which she wanted the most, so we had to put them on a schedule. And no, she wasn’t allowed to wear them to bed despite her begging and pleading J

Juzii Jewellery has been operating since 2005, which goes to show that they’ve stood the test of time in such a competitive market – you can see why, too. A huge range of charms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more, to suit any style is waiting for you on their site. With most of the necklaces priced at $9.95 it is the perfect place to go to buy your next birthday present for the smaller people in your life. Better yet, there is free shipping in Australia!

Juzii Jewellery has a massive range of charm jewellery in stock, including sports, musical instruments, dance, gemstones, initials and numbers, and religious just to name a few. Even more exciting, is that they can make customised items for your business, sports team, school, special event or fundraiser. With payment methods including Afterpay, credit card and direct deposit, buying charm jewellery for your business or loved one has never been easier. Visit http://www.juzii.com.au/ to grab your jewellery today.

Juzii jewelleryJuzii jewelleryJuzii jewellery

June 04, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small business Sunday - The Jack and Ollie Store

Small business Sunday - The Jack and Ollie Store

Picture this; you’ve finally sat down at the table after preparing what feels like 5 different meals for 4 people, you’ve got the baby in the highchair but aren’t sure he is going to stay there because he is a master escape artist. You start to give him his meal then it comes… it’s like you’re in an emergency theatre – WIPES – I NEED WIPES! GET ME A SIPPY CUP – WE NEED WATER OVER HERE, STAT! WHERE IS DUCKY? I NEED DUCKY TO MAKE HIM LAUGH SO HE WILL OPEN HIS MOUTH TO EAT – AAARGGGHHH!!!

Yep, we’ve all been there. Nothing is EVER in reach when you need it. Well, that was yesterday. Kirsty O’Loughlin from the Jack and Ollie store has come up with an amazing High Chair Caddy to sit over the back of a high chair, or a regular chair, to hold all of life’s essentials when you have a little person in tow. They are beautifully made and arrive carefully wrapped in tissue paper. I love the attention to detail by small businesses – it makes such a difference! Each pocket is big enough to hold wipes, cups, straws, bibs, whatever you need really, to make mealtime fuss free, and to save your legs from getting up one thousand times per meal!

They come in two sizes and in a range of fabulous designs, and the best thing is, that they can be used for years beyond toddlerhood – they are perfect for the back of desk chairs too, to hold papers, pencils and everything else that crowds your child’s desk. You could even leave one over the dining chair so that the table is neatly packed away for dinner, yet keeps their homework essentials handy. So clever!

If you know of someone who feels like an octopus at dinnertime, trying to keep everything in arms reach, be an awesome friend, and grab one of these Jack and Ollie High Chair Caddies. Trust me, they’ll be thanking you. Until 04 June, there is also 20% off full priced items in store using code ‘dailyorders20’ – be quick before they all go!


The Jack and Ollie Store high chair caddyThe Jack and Ollie Store high chair caddy

The Jack and Ollie Store high chair caddy

May 28, 2017 by Kelly Walter