That's not what it's used for: Colander

That's not what it's used for: Colander

Being organised is what we do best here at Daily Orders HQ. 

But with so many organisation tips out there, sometimes it can lead to information overload. 

To brighten your month, check out this blog which will give you simple ideas to bring out the creative organisation in just about anyone! 


Colanders. They strain the water from your pasta and veggies. But did you know they can be decorative, too? Got a spare colander you’re no longer using? Time to get crafty and use it for a project today! 

Here are some of the best ways one can repurpose an old colander anywhere in your home: 

Turn it into a retro wind chime!  

home organisation

Colanders are not just useful with straining water, they’re very decorative, too! Hang forks, spoons, cookie cutters, and other kinds of safe, metallic utensils and tie them with strings beneath your colander to create a retro wind chime. 

Use it to hang plants 

home kitchen organisation colander art

Hang attractive plants or flowers using colanders as its base and a thin chain link and an old hanger as support. 


Use it to support your lighting fixtures  

home kitchen organisation

Give your simple lighting fixtures a twist by using old colanders as a shade. You may even coat it with fresh paint to match the aesthetics of the room you’ll be using it in.   

Turn it into a night light  

kitchen home organisation

Fancy spending your cozy nights in dim lighting? Turn 2 old colanders into a night light by drilling patterned holes on it. Place a lighting fixture inside before carefully attaching the second colander to the inverted colander. Hang your finished night light and admire your hard work! 

Use it to hang your jewellery 

jewellery organisation

Got tons of jewellery that you struggle to keep them all in one place? Your old colander has just the perfect solution for you!  

Thinking of repurposing an old colander hanging around at home? Do give it a try and please share a photo of your handiwork on our Facebook page or tell us what you think through a comment below. For more organisation hacks and tips, please visit our blog today! 


July 08, 2018 by Christiane Ash
5 Affordable and Easy Hacks For An Organised Home Office

5 Affordable and Easy Hacks For An Organised Home Office

Whether you’re working from home or not, it’s always good to have an organised home office to help you concentrate, while working in a clean and safe space.  Today we’ll show you a few tips on how to turn your home office into a fun, workable area! 



Assign stations 

Home office organisation

This is ideal for any home office with extra space available. Assign stations in your home office where you’ll be doing specific tasks. Don’t just pick a spot and create a station, determine if it’s easy to reach, isn’t too cramped, has the necessary items it needs (e.g., powerpoint), and can help to get the job done. A few examples of these stations are printing, paper shredding, sketching, and typing stations.  

Repurpose old containers  

Have empty jars around the house you can use for storing pens? How about an old box or laundry bin that your magazines can easily fit into? Repurpose containers that are still usable in order to create an order within the elements you wish to include inside your home office.  

Save space 

You can do this by opting for desks that are mounted on the wall or those that don’t generally take up too much space. It helps if your chair is comfortable, yet not bulky as well. 

Put wires and cords in order 

home office organisation

There are so many ways to keep your cables tidy. Other than using cable ties to bunch them all together, try using binder clips, cord wrappers, specialty tapes, empty toilet paper rolls, and even small PVC pipes. These items will help keep your cables untangled and organised all at the same time.  

Create a solid command station  

This is the year you familiarised yourself with a command station and its many benefits. A command station is a place in your office or house where reminders, schedules, and important files can all be found. This is the area of your home where you get in touch with what needs to be done for the day, week, or even month. Eliminate the need to run to the office supplies store to get sticky notes by using an attractive and cost-effective customisable planning board or wall planner that reminds you of what you need to do for a specific time or day. Whether it’s football practice, laundry day, or a project deadline, never forget a task again with a fully functional wall calendar. 

Did our list of home office organisation tips help you decide on how to create or redecorate yours? If it did, please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below. For more organisation tips and tricks, please visit our blog today. 


July 08, 2018 by Kelly Walter
That’s Not What It’s Used For: Luggage

That’s Not What It’s Used For: Luggage

Being organised is what we do best here at Daily Orders HQ! 

Luggage, especially vintage suitcases, have many purposes other than making travel easy. They’re also decorative and can serve more purposes than originally intended for! Do you have empty luggage suitcases hanging around and gathering dust? Then let's get creative and start repurposing them into something decorative!

Here are some of the best ways you can repurpose an old suitcases for use in the home:


suitcase shelving

Source: Remodelaholic


Turn it into shelving!

Got an awkward corner in your home you want to eliminate? Line your old luggage’s interiors with decorative wallpaper and add shelves where you can place attractive momentos or books. To complete the look, add peg legs to lift your new corner shelf from the floor.


suticase buffet

Source: A Cultivated Nest


Use it as a foundation for a buffet side or hall table

This project is perfect if you have tons of suitcases lying around. Carefully stack your luggage on top of each other. If wobbly, you'll have to secure these together. Then, place a slab of wood on top to create the table top. Make sure to secure them all together if you’ve decided on using them permanently.


suitcase chair
Source: Homedit


Turn it into a mini sofa

Create a cozy mini sofa by attaching 4 peg legs underneath and upholstering cushions to serve as the seat and back rest. You may want to ask someone experienced in the upholstery area to make sure your measurements are all correct and that it’s safe to sit on!


cat suitcase bed
Source: Homedit

Turn it into a pet bed

Provide your favourite pet with a fun and comfortable bed by adding a cushion on one half of an old suitcase. Use any form of footing to lift your pet’s bed from the floor. It creates quite the talking piece!


suticase vintage vanity
Source: Homedit


Use it to store your vanity items (even on-the-go!)

Organise your very own vanity suitcase with true vibrance and character. Install mini lights, a mirror, and tiny shelves inside your repurposed luggage. You can also try hanging the repurposed luggage on your bathroom wall to replace your old vanity cabinet for a talking piece in the bathroom!


Doesn’t luggage look more trendy as repurposed furniture? Give it a try today and share a photo of your masterpiece on our Facebook page

March 24, 2018 by Kelly Walter
5 Genius Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Today

5 Genius Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Today

They say cleanliness is next to godliness but sometimes, your Kitchen looks more like an explosion of plastic containers and dinner plates instead!

Today, Mel from Frankly Organised is back as our guest blogger to help us hash out some of the best ways to keep your kitchen in order...


keep everything together

Group Similar Items

Whether it’s your spices, snacks, drinks, or condiments, group them together with similar items. For snacks, try organising them by taste (savoury or sweet) or by type (e.g. chips go with all the other chips). This way, you’ll be able to find the ingredients you need and see when stocks are running low. One of the biggest things I'm guilty of is buying something "on sale" only to find I already have 4 others ... so now I have a massive over supply of one particular item.


Hang items you can’t fit inside drawers

We all know a spatula that’s too big or too irregularly-shaped for our kitchen drawers can drive us nuts. Gathering all your spatulas in a counter top jar or holder is ok .. but it's cluttering up the bench and it’s frustrating to get the specific one out you need, when pulling one, pulls them all out! A good solution is to hang all your utencils on one side of your kitchen cupboards nearest to your cooking area.  Get creative, check out IKEA for ideas - I've seen people using natural ropes, magnets (on wall and utensil) or fancy "S" hooks!



Do you have magazine holders you’re no longer using? Use them as a rack for your chopping boards or plastic container lids! Lots of useful items can be repurposed for the kitchen and pantry!


fold them into triangles

Save space

One of the most frustrating items in your kitchen is probably the plastic bags that accumulate after every trip to the supermarket. While some bunch them inside empty tissue paper boxes, or in calico bag-bags .. they still don’t eliminate the clutter. How many times have you pulled out a bag that's the wrong 'size'?? The solution is to fold them into triangles! Yep, not only are they neater, the folds will give you a good idea of how big or small the bags are without opening them. See the instructions here.


Using a planner

Another way to keep your kitchen organised is to organise yourself. If writing down reminders works but sticking them to your refrigerator doesn't cut it, try a customised planner - like the one I use from Daily Orders! It helps to ensure I don't forget daily or weekly shopping lists. What I love about mine is that it's versatile, I write whatever I need to on it - whenever I need to!


Did Mel’s list of kitchen organisation tips inspire you to take on the task of making yours more user-friendly? If it did, please feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

March 24, 2018 by Kelly Walter
(OFFTIME) - When the digital world takes over

(OFFTIME) - When the digital world takes over

So, most people who know me, know that I run a business. What they might not understand is the ridiculous amount of time I feel the need to be attached to my phone just in case a customer emails/texts/calls/private messages me. There are SOOOOO many ways to get in contact these days and whilst I am totally cool with that (after all I wouldn't run a business if I wasn't) sometimes I need to focus on what is most important.

I SHOULD have the will power to do this by myself. I should be able to simply switch the phone to silent or do not disturb. But you see, I like to be contactable by my family whenever they need me or the school or childcare as the case may be. I CAN use the do not disturb mode on my phone for this, but I think I am addicted to the phone. I can't help but check if someone has ordered (because I still get super excited every time someone does) or if there is something on Facebook that I have missed. Stupid I know, but that's just how it is. 

I came across an app recently, called (OFFTIME). Whilst I totally get the irony of using an app to stop me from using my phone, it has been just wonderful.

  • It allows you to set a time period for which you can't unlock your phone, except if you really need to - you just have to push past the notifications
  • It gives you the ability to ban yourself from using certain apps, whilst allowing access to others (I've allowed the camera and my calendar and a food app)
  • You can grant permission for calls and/or messages to come through


Family organised time management
  • It allows you to set a goal for the day e.g. less than 3 hours use per day
Family organised time management
  • It logs how much time you do use your phone for
Family organised time management
  • And once your offtime is over, it tells you everything you've missed in the digital world, whilst focusing on the real world
Family organised time management


I know it sounds mad, but it has really helped me disconnect from all of the ways I have been addicted to my phone. When I set my offtime which is for 1.5 hours, it comes up with 'family comes first' as a reminder that my phone and the world of Facebook isn't the real world. My little people and my gorgeous husband are the ones that matter the most. It helps with time management and planning our busy day because it allows me to switch off from the outside world and concentrate on getting ready for school drop off, or focus on what the kids did at school that day. 

It has allowed me to focus, to breathe, to forget about the white noise that is social media and give my poor eyes and thumbs some sweet relief from a scrolling screen!

Does this sound like something that might work for you?

This is not a sponsored post, just something I really like and works for me. If you're interested though, have a squiz here http://offtime.co/ There is a paid version, but you get all these bits and bobs for free :)

March 05, 2018 by Kelly Walter
5 Easy and Affordable Tips For A Comfy Living Room

5 Easy and Affordable Tips For A Comfy Living Room

When the weight of the daily hustle puts you down, the living room is a common go-to choice for relaxation. Ideally free from chaos, it's the perfect spot to put your feet up.

But when this area is too cluttered or disorganised, relaxation isn't so easy.

Today we’ll show you a few tips on how you turn your living room into a relaxation haven!

February 14, 2018 by Kelly Walter
That’s Not What It’s Used For: Wooden Doors

That’s Not What It’s Used For: Wooden Doors


Being organised is what we do best here at Daily Orders HQ.

But with so many organisation tips out there, sometimes it can lead to information overload.

To brighten your month, keep an eye out for our exciting new series where we bring you simple ideas which will bring out the creative organisation in just about anyone!

Doors. They’re designed to give you privacy and match your walls. But did you know they can be decorative, too? Got a spare door? If so, then it’s time to get crafty..

Here are some of the best ways we can repurpose an old wooden door at home:

Source: My Repurposed Life

Source: My Repurposed Life

Turn it into a decorative cabinet

Spices, ceramics, toys, and teacups? You name it, a wooden door-turned-cabinet can help store it!  


Source: Woo Home

Replace your coffee table with it

You’ve seen a door turn into a cabinet, why not make into something else? Like a coffee table! Share stories with your friends around a charming coffee table that shares a story of its own.


Source: Woo Home

 Build your own glass house

Cut out the wooden area inside the frames of your door, get glass added, and voila! A window-like frame you can nail together to create a fantastic new glass house to warm and protect your precious potted plants and flowers.


Source: Woo Home

Turn it into shelves

Corner shelves are known to make rooms look bigger. Cut to the chase of hunting for one and make your own with an old or spare door in your home. Give it a nice, shiny new coat of paint and place it where everyone can see!


Source: My Repurposed Life

Convert it into a new swing

After converting your old door into a new swing set, you’ll look at swings in an entirely new way. Calming and fun even for adults! You’ll be sure to impress visitors just a word of advice, make sure it’s safe and sturdy before letting guests try it out!


What do you think of our wooden door repurposing ideas?  If you liked our organisation hack and give it a try - please share a photo on our Facebook page or comment with your thoughts below. For more organisation hacks and tips, please visit our blog today!

February 01, 2018 by Kelly Walter
The ultimate family wall planner!

The ultimate family wall planner!

Not just a monthly planner, but a family weekly wall planner too. Our Daily Orders wall planner, or calendar can transform from a monthly planner into a whole family weekly planner by simply adding each family member's name at the start of the week. Cool hey? Watch the video to learn more!

January 28, 2018 by Kelly Walter
That’s Not What It’s Used For: Wooden and Vintage Ladders

That’s Not What It’s Used For: Wooden and Vintage Ladders

Wooden Ladders. They’re pretty, sturdy, and have a major purpose. But did you know they can be decorative, too? Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or garden, these wooden wonders can bring life to any room once repurposed.

January 15, 2018 by Kelly Walter
5 Clever Tips to Organise Your Garbage

5 Clever Tips to Organise Your Garbage

 Garbage is something no household can escape from, especially after Christmas!

Today we’ll show you the proper, cost effective, and creative ways to sort it out and get organised! 

Store all your garbage bins in one place 

Arrange all your garbage bins in one location and ensure you have different containers for every kind of garbage - this is particularly important when we are looking at ways to keep the Earth beautiful. Segregate your garbage into compost, hard waste and recyclables to save as much junk from going to landfill as possible. If it helps, try purchasing garbage bins of different colours to help you differentiate which bin every kind of garbage belongs to, or put pictures of the types of things you can put in each bin, like at the shops. This is especially helpful for kids who can't read yet.

 recycling bins organised plan family

Clip your garbage bags on the container 

Unknown to many out there, paper clips, especially binder (bulldog) clips are one of the most handy office items that can easily be found around the house. We understand that throwing away heavy items into bins where the bags don’t fit often ends in more of mess. To remedy this situation, use bulldog clips to hold your garbage bags in place neatly. You’ll be surprised to see how well this technique works when you’re on the go. 

 bin clip planner organised

Create a separate space for hazardous waste 

You need to understand how garbage segregation is vital for keeping not just you and your family, but your waste management centre employees safe. Every council has different regulations on proper waste management and it helps to ask them to figure out what you should do with hazardous wastes. In the meantime, ensure you store them separately to regular household waste to ensure they don't accidentally get mixed in together. It is also important that flammable materials are not stored with potentially explosive materials, and that all such hazardous waste is kept relatively cool. Storing these items in metal shed on a 45 degree day, with you animal feed could end in disaster. Remember also, that compost whilst natural, can be flammable. Some items to watch out for are worn out batteries, light bulbs, aerosol containers, paints, strong chemicals, and broken electronics in separate containers.

organise waste planner

Design bins you can simply wheel away  

The best part of making DIY garbage organisers is that you can never be inconvenienced because YOUR convenience is the key element to your design. Apply this idea to your garbage segregation by attaching wheels to your garbage bins, making them easy to manoeuvre. This is awesome particularly if they're getting super heavy. It also lets the kids get more involved. 


Organised bin planner 

Make use of a planner that reminds you to take out the garbage 

The growing problem with garbage at home is that it accumulates over time whenever you forget to take them out. Sticky note reminders can work for some, but what everyone really needs is a highly effective reminder hack. One of the best hacks we know that works, is to use a cost effective and high quality customisable wall calendar depending on your needs. Whether you throw the garbage out weekly or bi-weekly, planning boards are calendars that help you remember even the simplest of tasks such as paying your bills, picking up parcels at the post office, or even throwing your garbage out!  Make sure you write on there who is meant to be doing it too, so there are no arguments!


Did our list of garbage disposal organisation tips inspire you to take on the task of making yours more user-friendly? If it did, please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below. For more organisation tip and tricks, please visit our blog today. 

January 01, 2018 by Kelly Walter
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