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10 easy Winter warmer meals your family will love

Hot meals, full bellies and happy kids – it’s Winter bliss

Winter is coming... well actually it is here!

But for most of us, there won’t be dragons, wars and thrones involved…

…Unless of course the kids get stir crazy from being stuck inside, turn into little fire breathing monsters, fight with each other constantly and argue over who gets to sit where (but let’s hope not!).

Instead, we’ll get colder, shorter days where it feels like we’ve got fewer hours to get everything done.

After a long day (and with daylight hours quickly fading), Winter is the time of year most of us look for quick and easy hot dinners that we can throw together in a hurry.

I mean, after all, the quicker dinner is done, the easier it is to convince younger kids that it’s bedtime as it’s already dark. Or is that just me?

The other night I made some Chicken Vegetable soup for dinner. Thinking I was pushing my luck, I put a bowl in front of everyone. It was brilliant. The kids scoffed it down as I sat in amazement at what was happening. IT’S SOUP.

So, for today’s blog, I thought I’d share it with you along with some other ideas for winter warmers. Enjoy!

Winter warmer meals

Top 10 winter warmer meals to prepare for your family

  1. Chicken vegetable soup: It can prepare this in 10minutes, and it cooks in just over an hour.
  2. Beef Stroganoff: This classic winter dish has the perfect creamy sauce along with hearty mushrooms and beef. And the best bit – it just needs one dish.
  3. Apricot chicken:  Grab out your slow cooker and let this classic meal cook during the day while you’re working. And there are no packet mixes involved.
  4. Spaghetti and meatballs: Another amazing slow cooker meal, these meatballs are big and juicy and are cooked in a yummy tomato sauce. Just cook up some spaghetti to add to them, and you’ll have a hit.
  5. Shepherds pie: This is a great winter warmer on a budget. It’s simple to make, and you can cook it for under $10. Leftovers go well the next day for lunch too.
  6. Chorizo and halloumi penne: When you’re over the same old pasta dishes, this chorizo and halloumi penne recipe is not only quick to prepare but is delicious and perfect for a family TV dinner.
  7. Tuna Mornay: Everyone loves a cheesy tuna mornay and kids won’t mind the hidden peas and corn which gives this dish extra flavour. It’s a great quick dinner.
  8. Mexican beef casserole: This spicier dish is perfect for warming you up on a cold winters night. Full of intense flavour, serve it with some rice and sour cream.
  9. Vegan bean and vegetable chilli: If you’re living a vegan lifestyle, you need to try this easy bean and vegetable chilli. It’s quick and easy to make and sure to be a big hit with your family.
  10. Bacon and cheese stuffed potatoes: For a super easy dinner (like a Sunday night in front of the TV), these cheesy stuffed potatoes are to die for. They are so tasty, and your whole family will love them.

Winter warmer meals

Everyone has their favourite recipes

I know most of us have at least one favourite recipe. Whether it’s one handed down through the generations that you keep going back to, or one you’ve found over the years and love, you’re going to have that one recipe that stands out.

I’d love for you share it with our community (pop it in the comments below). I think this is a great way we can compile a list of quick and easy winter meals to refer to at the end of a long day.

Need help planning your winter warmer meals?

If you’re an organised type of person (or you want to be), you should really consider planning your meals in advance. To help you out, you can use a Daily Orders menu planner and plan your dinners for the entire week. And once you’ve done that, you can write a shopping list and get your weekly shopping done. Interested? Grab your Daily Orders planner here

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June 16, 2020

Great post Kel,

The struggle for dinners that feed everyone and keep them happy is real but here are our favs.

SM Butter Chicken
*SM Zaatar Chicken *

*Veggie Lasagne
*Shepards Pie
*Taco, Nacho, Mexican night
*Porcupine Meatballs (pressure cooker)
*Corned Beef
*Gnocchi with pesto
*Potato gem waffle with spaghetti Bol sauce or eggs or cheese
*QC Chicken and Rice soup
*SM curried sausages *

Lalas Creamy Lemon butter Chicken**
*Steak with Veg
*Thermomix Tomato and Capsicum Soup, (called Tomato soup for the boy and Capsicum soup for the girl because the boy doesn’t like capsicum and capsicum soup for the girl because she doesn’t like Tomato). – seriously!!!! SM – skinny mixers QC – Quirky cooking = kids complain about these ones but they are delicious so that makes them a fav in the house still.

Also writing some of them down makes me realise how many options we really do have. Thank you

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