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Here at Daily Orders we love working with other small businesses to get their products seen and heard. After needing something for school for this year, we set out to buy a lunchbox and came across Yumbox! These little boxes are awesome for a few reasons: 

1. They're easy for little hands to open and close

2. They come apart for easy cleaning

3. The leakproof seals on them mean that there is no mixing of foods in the lunchbox. We all know what a disaster it can be when the carrots touch the cheese - eeewwww!!!

4. They come in a variety of colours to suit fussy children.

5. Are portion controlled and show you shat you should put where. AWESOME for saving time!


Yumbox, bento box, sale, special, daily ordersYumbox, bento box, sale, special, daily orders

Now Yumbox itself is a company in the US, but we are lucky enough to have a distributor here in Australia. Her name is Dibs Cush and here is a little bit about her and her store, Robin's Nest:

Trained in early childhood development and a former Pre-School Director, Robin’s Nest for Children's current owner Dibs Cush knows a thing or two about children. With a genuine passion for nurturing and education through toys and  play, Dibs’ background has had a huge influence on her unique, quality stock.

Each product in the store has been lovingly hand-picked by Dibs based on factors such as 'playability', education, entertainment, and of course, cuteness. She has a strong philosophy based around children using their imaginations rather than ‘screen time’ and is thrilled with the swing back to traditional toys of late.

Age appropriate play is also one of Dibs’ specialties, and with her vast experience and education, she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the benefits of certain toys for particular age groups and the associated cognitive, fine motor, and language skill advantages.

Mother of three and now grandmother to one little princess, when she is not feathering her Nest Dibs can be found helping manage the family’s cotton and grain property west of Moree.

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Dibs has been kind enough to offer a whopping 10% off all of the Yumbox range at Robin's Nest to all Daily Orders fans! This offer is current for 2018 and you can find the range here https://www.robinsnest.com.au/collections/vendors?q=Yumbox

Just use code DAILY10 at checkout to secure your special deal!

Enjoy shopping and happy lunching!


P.S. This is an affiliate post, so I will get a small return if you make a purchase

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