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Cost versus value

Sometimes when people consider making a purchase, the look at the cost without considering the inherent value that they receive when they acquire the good or service. Check out this video blog to see why the difference is important. 

This is particularly relevant to our monthly planners and weekly planners. Our planning boards are a little pricey - that's true. But they also last. They also help families to calm down, to breathe, to be able to plan what is going on, for everyone to see. They help stop arguments about who should be where and when. They save you from buying a $30 calendar each year that doesn't get used beyond February. They help FIFO families to see when Mum or Dad is getting home. They bring colour to a home or office. 

All of these elements can't be calculated in the cost of our planning boards. It is about the value to the customer. That's why we have over 70 five star reviews on Facebook alone, and have sold more than 3000 of the boards since starting in 2015. 

Do you value your time? Your family harmony? I know I do! :)

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