Open letter to celebrities

Hey there super celebrity,

Remember when you were young and anonymous (well, maybe not you Drew Barrymore, you were a child star)? Remember when all you wanted to do was make it big and be successful? When you contacted every agent and everyone who would listen to try and get an audition, and how you felt so horribly rejected when they turned you down? Yes, getting rejected sucks. But you know what, it was likely you at least got an answer. 

You see, the trouble with being a small business is, you're constantly trying to build your brand. Starting off small by going to markets, getting the odd passer-by saying "ooh, that's pretty cool" and then walking on by. Then you get the courage up to ask a celebrity if they would like to try one of your products. Back comes the response, "Yes please, I'd love to". Insert 'sigh of relief' here.

When I asked Janet Roach if she was interested, she was right onto it, and so were her staff. Happily engaging with little old me in a quest to build my brand. Despite being a bazillionaire (my words, not hers), she and her staff made the time to engage with me on a one-on-one basis. She hadn't forgotten where she had come from and to tell you the truth, it was bloody refreshing. 

When she received the board, she even sent me a personal email to say thank you, and a thank you for the flowers that I'd sent her too. That's right, a woman with her busy schedule, media, business and family commitments had the time to personally email little old me to say thank you. 

So, given this wonderfully positive experience, I thought I would try my luck with another celebrity. Some of you may have seen my quest to get a Daily Orders board to Gabriel Macht, star of hit legal show Suits. Emails were sent and phone calls were made to his agency. Follow up emails and follow up phone calls were made. Zip, zilch, nada. I never heard a single response.

The thing is, us small-business-ites don't have staff to do things for us. We spend hours upon hours doing our marketing, writing emails to people to see if they're interested in our products (for free generally), making cold calls to people to spark interest.

I've heard that Mr Macht is in fact nothing like his character in Suits. He is not the bold, cocky man that he plays so well. He is a gentleman, and quite a polite one at that and I'm sure given the opportunity would pass on a polite 'no thanks' to any offer he was not interested in. I understand that he is busy though. I really do, and I'm sure he gets hundreds of offers of free products. It's not so much about the endorsement of a product for me, although that certainly helps sales, it is more about the achievement of getting it into the hands of a celebrity. Why, because, let's face it, it's pretty damn cool! 

But you know what, it is hard to get it into the hands of anyone, when their gatekeeper aka their agent doesn't even let you get past the front door. You know what, I would have been ok if they had just come back and said "Thanks for your email, but Mr Macht is not interested right now". Ok, cool. At least I got a response. But to completely ignore my offer is a bit disappointing. Not having a go at him personally at all, as I'm sure he never even heard about it, but more having a go at the gatekeepers who don't see it necessary to give another human the courtesy of a response. Sheesh, you could even punch out a form response and it would be better than nothing. 

All I'm asking of you, super celebrities and your staff, is to remember where you came from. Not always were you a rich, fully employed actor or agent, attending red carpet events the world over. Once you were a student, struggling to make ends meet, hoping that someone would give you a go. It's not hard to give people a go, or heck, even acknowledge their existence. Give it a go, it might just help someone else out. 

All the best, 


P.S. I totally don't expect to hear from Mr Macht after this rant, but if his agent sees this, feel free to pass it on.

P.P.S. I'm pretty sure I have answered every query made of me through the business. If not, feel free to be cranky at me too, and I'm sorry. 

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