5 Clever Tips to Organise Your Garbage

 Garbage is something no household can escape from, especially after Christmas!

Today we’ll show you the proper, cost effective, and creative ways to sort it out and get organised! 

Store all your garbage bins in one place 

Arrange all your garbage bins in one location and ensure you have different containers for every kind of garbage - this is particularly important when we are looking at ways to keep the Earth beautiful. Segregate your garbage into compost, hard waste and recyclables to save as much junk from going to landfill as possible. If it helps, try purchasing garbage bins of different colours to help you differentiate which bin every kind of garbage belongs to, or put pictures of the types of things you can put in each bin, like at the shops. This is especially helpful for kids who can't read yet.

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Clip your garbage bags on the container 

Unknown to many out there, paper clips, especially binder (bulldog) clips are one of the most handy office items that can easily be found around the house. We understand that throwing away heavy items into bins where the bags don’t fit often ends in more of mess. To remedy this situation, use bulldog clips to hold your garbage bags in place neatly. You’ll be surprised to see how well this technique works when you’re on the go. 

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Create a separate space for hazardous waste 

You need to understand how garbage segregation is vital for keeping not just you and your family, but your waste management centre employees safe. Every council has different regulations on proper waste management and it helps to ask them to figure out what you should do with hazardous wastes. In the meantime, ensure you store them separately to regular household waste to ensure they don't accidentally get mixed in together. It is also important that flammable materials are not stored with potentially explosive materials, and that all such hazardous waste is kept relatively cool. Storing these items in metal shed on a 45 degree day, with you animal feed could end in disaster. Remember also, that compost whilst natural, can be flammable. Some items to watch out for are worn out batteries, light bulbs, aerosol containers, paints, strong chemicals, and broken electronics in separate containers.

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Design bins you can simply wheel away  

The best part of making DIY garbage organisers is that you can never be inconvenienced because YOUR convenience is the key element to your design. Apply this idea to your garbage segregation by attaching wheels to your garbage bins, making them easy to manoeuvre. This is awesome particularly if they're getting super heavy. It also lets the kids get more involved. 


Organised bin planner 

Make use of a planner that reminds you to take out the garbage 

The growing problem with garbage at home is that it accumulates over time whenever you forget to take them out. Sticky note reminders can work for some, but what everyone really needs is a highly effective reminder hack. One of the best hacks we know that works, is to use a cost effective and high quality customisable wall calendar depending on your needs. Whether you throw the garbage out weekly or bi-weekly, planning boards are calendars that help you remember even the simplest of tasks such as paying your bills, picking up parcels at the post office, or even throwing your garbage out!  Make sure you write on there who is meant to be doing it too, so there are no arguments!



Did our list of garbage disposal organisation tips inspire you to take on the task of making yours more user-friendly? If it did, please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below. For more organisation tip and tricks, please visit our blog today. 

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