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5 Easy and Affordable Tips For A Comfy Living Room

When the weight of the daily hustle puts you down, the living room is a common go-to choice for relaxation. Ideally free from chaos, it's the perfect spot to put your feet up.

But when this area is too cluttered or disorganised, relaxation isn't so easy.

Today we’ll show you a few tips on how you turn your living room into a relaxation haven!


Go clutter-free

Aside from a few decorative pieces, keep your coffee and TV tables as well as mini cabinets free of clutter. Put back toys, DVD cases, or even used drinking glasses on the places they belong. Not only does clearing them out look appealing, it helps uplift your living room’s ambiance as well.


Limit play spaces

Have kids who like playing around the living room? Make your free time relaxing by giving them a designated space to play while you watch TV or rest your eyes (in a magical dream land, where they actually leave you alone!). This not only keeps the place clean, it encourages family bonding without the need to be in separate rooms.


If there’s anything charming about living room furniture, it’s the way they’ve been created. If you’re the type who keeps a close eye on expenses, repurposing old items could be the thing for you.  Repurposing can even bring out the inner craftsman in you!


Let nature in

Add more life into your living room by adding pieces such as plants and succulents in mini terrariums or fish tanks. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, caring for them won’t eat much of your time away either.



It's only as clean as you make it!

A living room is only as attractive as the person who keeps it clean! To help, why not check out our planners? Customers use them to create cleaning routines all the time! Our attractive and cost-effective customisable planning boards will keep the house in tip top shape!

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