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5 Genius Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Today

They say cleanliness is next to godliness but sometimes, your Kitchen looks more like an explosion of plastic containers and dinner plates instead!

Today, Mel from Frankly Organised is back as our guest blogger to help us hash out some of the best ways to keep your kitchen in order...


keep everything together

Group Similar Items

Whether it’s your spices, snacks, drinks, or condiments, group them together with similar items. For snacks, try organising them by taste (savoury or sweet) or by type (e.g. chips go with all the other chips). This way, you’ll be able to find the ingredients you need and see when stocks are running low. One of the biggest things I'm guilty of is buying something "on sale" only to find I already have 4 others ... so now I have a massive over supply of one particular item.


Hang items you can’t fit inside drawers

We all know a spatula that’s too big or too irregularly-shaped for our kitchen drawers can drive us nuts. Gathering all your spatulas in a counter top jar or holder is ok .. but it's cluttering up the bench and it’s frustrating to get the specific one out you need, when pulling one, pulls them all out! A good solution is to hang all your utencils on one side of your kitchen cupboards nearest to your cooking area.  Get creative, check out IKEA for ideas - I've seen people using natural ropes, magnets (on wall and utensil) or fancy "S" hooks!



Do you have magazine holders you’re no longer using? Use them as a rack for your chopping boards or plastic container lids! Lots of useful items can be repurposed for the kitchen and pantry!


fold them into triangles

Save space

One of the most frustrating items in your kitchen is probably the plastic bags that accumulate after every trip to the supermarket. While some bunch them inside empty tissue paper boxes, or in calico bag-bags .. they still don’t eliminate the clutter. How many times have you pulled out a bag that's the wrong 'size'?? The solution is to fold them into triangles! Yep, not only are they neater, the folds will give you a good idea of how big or small the bags are without opening them. See the instructions here.


Using a planner

Another way to keep your kitchen organised is to organise yourself. If writing down reminders works but sticking them to your refrigerator doesn't cut it, try a customised planner - like the one I use from Daily Orders! It helps to ensure I don't forget daily or weekly shopping lists. What I love about mine is that it's versatile, I write whatever I need to on it - whenever I need to!


Did Mel’s list of kitchen organisation tips inspire you to take on the task of making yours more user-friendly? If it did, please feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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Barbara Baldwin

Barbara Baldwin

May 31, 2018

I LOVE These little tips

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