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5 Things Mums Love
It's our time to shine! Term 2 has begun, the weather is cooling down and Mother's Day is near - let's make the most of it Mums, with some me-time, mental load relievers and gift ideas just for you. Get ready to get the mum party started!

Something Handy

How many times have you left the house only to realise your phone has 6% battery? THANKS TO THE KIDS PLAYING ROBLOX, HMPF! This handy Crossbody Bag solves the problem with an in-built charger to keep you powered up on the go. WIN! Better still it looks good and it’s only $89!
Mother's Day Gift

Something Yummy

Upgrade your pantry & start cooking (& eating) the BEST Australian gourmet foods every season. The Quarterly Subscription Box from Foodies Collective is packed full of seasonal artisan goodies that you can't find at Woolies. Every Mum (including you!) deserves the fancy stuff in life. 
Yummy Mother's Day Gift

Something Fancy

Anything you buy in the next few weeks can be classified as a Mother’s Day Gift so why not live large?! My pick? A bathrobe that can be worn at school drop-off. Sage & Clare have got it covered with their super soft cotton jacquard robes.
Fancy Mother's Day Gift

Something Fun

Tired of answering your kids' endless questions? Get your "Go Ask Your Dad" shirt and give yourself the break you deserve! 
Fun Mother's Day Gift

Something Important

Imagine a day where you got up in the morning, the dishwasher was unstacked, the lunches were made and the sports uniforms were already on for the day WITHOUT you having to nag!
Sounds unachievable right? WRONG. 
Newsflash: you don’t have to be the default parent and you certainly aren’t responsible for the entire mental load at home. 
Free Mind, More Time is the Online Course made for busy Mums (by a busy Mum) who can't deal with the overwhelm any more.
If you:
📌 are sick of doing everything in your home
📌 never get any time to yourself
📌 struggle to delegate to others
📌 are wasting time and money on things that no one wants (including food)
    Then this is the course for you. 
    Mums need this

    Have you seen something you love lately too?Share it with us so we can spread the word!

    Kelly & The Daily Orders Team 

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