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5 Things We Love - August

Ahhh August…the remnants of winter, the looming September school holidays and of course Father’s Day. We’ve got a round-up of cool stuff for the dads and products that might just help you with the mental-UN-loading. 

Here’s to a warmer and calmer month ahead! 

Something Yummy

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you don’t fancy hours spent ‘supervising’ (aka doing all the work) the kids in the kitchen while they whip up a dad-worthy feast, you’ll love this. 

Amp up his sanger in bread andtry this recipe instead. It’s got everything a good breaky should have with a spicy Indian twist. 

Yummy Recipe

Something Funny

Want to hear the song that accurately depicts the mental load? Seriously. THIS. IS. IT. 

Something funny

Have a laugh.

Something Sustainable

Need a gift from your kids to impress their dad? I give you the Aussie Man Hands Tradies’s Choice Gift Box! Featuring all the things needed to soften man hands, smooth cracked lips and clean the bod in a very masculine/tradie way. And even better, all products are 100% natural. 


Shop it here.


Something New

NEW IN: Handy Things! The perfect little accessory for your home planning has arrived. 

Need somewhere to store all those pesky notices that come home from school? Or the even more annoying bills that still arrive by snail mail? We've got your back. Add a cute little novelty pin and let the serious, but colourful planning begin. 

Felt Pin Boards

Bundle up and save 20%.

Something Handy

I’m not sure where this handy-dandy product has been all my life but now I’ve found it, I’m never going back. Back to a time of lost keys, remotes, phones and even a stray laptop. Eep. This stick-on Bluetooth tracker connects to an app and helps you locate your lost essentials with ease. 

Something handy

It also makes a top-notch Father’s Day gift!

Shop Orbit Stick-On Bluetooth Tracker 

Have you seen something you love lately too?Share it with us because we’re very much in need of distraction right now! 

Kelly & The Daily Orders Team 

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