5 Things We Love - February 

You better believe there’s been A LOT to love this February. Along with ALL kids in Australia being back at school, we are officially running at full-steam here at Daily Orders. So, we’re back at it devouring good things and, as a result, we’ve got oodles of pearlers to share with you this month. 


Something New 

Our new website is finally live! 

Ooooh, it's so pretty and functional. Make sure you go check it out and a big thanks toHouse Of Cart for their exceptional design work. 

Have a scroll through if you fancy. You may just stumble across our juicy rewards program, Daily Delights. 


Something Funny

If you’ve been searching for a book to break your reading drought, this is it! Marian Keyes is a brilliant Irish author and if you haven’t read her work yet, do it. 

Again, Rachelis the long-anticipated sequel (25 years in the making!) toRachels Holidayand let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint. Love. Family. Hilarious family nuances. Tears. It’s got the WORKS.


Something Handy

Take the hassle out of soaking and cleaning dirty clothes with…The Strucket Straining Bucket! It’s Australian designed and made and touts an interlocking strainer PLUS a plug system that allows you to drain the gross water without the mess. 

Perfect for school uniforms, towels, whites that need a soak and even…toys and fruit. Boom! This handy little bucket is a hack worth adopting. 


Something Sustainable 

In my quest to make my home a sustainable one this year, I stumbled acrossHow We Roll sustainable toilet paper. Sure, you can get a knockoff from Coles but this company makes a real difference. 

Their tagline? Wait for it…’you poop, we plant’.  For every box of toilet paper they sell, they’ll plant a tree. Totally worth pooping for in my humble opinion, ha!  


Something Yummy

Nothing says ‘nailed it’ like a home-cooked, nutritionally balanced family dinner. Easier said than done, right? Fear not, I’ve got the answer. One-pot dinners. Less mess, less fuss and kinda impressive when served. Winner! 

You can whip up thisrice & chicken dish in 15 mins then tackle the evening routine while it simmers away for 30 mins. Best of all? You’ll basically have all the ingredients in your pantry and it’s a great way to use up veggies! The recipe calls for zucchini but I see no reason why ‘almost gone’ spinach, carrots or even celery couldn’t be added. 


Have you seen something you love lately too?Share it with us because we’re very much in need of distraction right now! 

Kelly & The Daily Orders Team

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