5 Things We Love in January

If you've been hitting the news hard and you're in need of a worthy distraction, look no further than our curated list of things we're loving right now.

There's something for everyone with something funny, something new, something handy, something sustainable(with a cheeky discount!) and something yummy.

Stay safe! X

Something Yummy

Need a dinner hack that’s equal parts yummy, healthy and quick? This easy quiche recipe will satisfy the whole fam. 

Shake it up with some goat cheese and pumpkin, ham and zucchini or whatever you have in your fridge! 


Get the recipe here.

Something Funny

If you’re in need of a laugh (aren’t we all), this website is chocker block full of hilarious antidotes, articles and more. Not going to lie, I lost a good hour or two scrolling these the other night!

Laughs-a-plenty here.

Something Sustainable

In 2022, I’ll be making the switch to a sustainable home. Little things like swapping out bathroom, kitchen, beauty, laundry and cleaning products can make a HUGE difference to the environment and your health (no nasties, yay!). 

Us + The Earth takes the overwhelm out of going plastic free with their best selling eco boxes. The best bit?You can get 10% off sitewide using code DO10. 

Shop here.

Something New

Many of our customers have been asking for little icons to put on the planners because they don't like their handwriting OR little ones have trouble reading it. 

We've released these printable activity icons for you to download and print at home in a size that suits! Laminate them or leave them blank. Simply stick some blu-tack on the back. Move them around the planner as you need. 


Download them here.

Something Handy

This hack is compliments of many years spent wearing black pants in the Navy. If you find hair and fluff on your clothes super annoying, you’re going to want to watch this!

Handy Tip Here.

Have you seen something you love lately too?Share it with us because we’re very much in need of distraction right now! 

Kelly & The Daily Orders Team

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