5 Things We Love - June

We’ve made it halfway through the year! Amazing but also, I thought 2022 was meant to be sans the drama?! If you’re feeling the pinch and need a distraction, keep reading because I’ve got something yummy, funny, sustainable, new and arguably the handiest kitchen gadget ever!  


Something Yummy 

Gooey, self-saucing chocolate pudding - need I say more?! Hate to be the one to use the word but that pudding new level of ‘moist’. Best of all, you only need five ingredients and fifteen minutes to prep. 

Chocolate Pudding


Something New

EOFY Sales are in full swing and us being all about a good deal, have got a few of our own. Get 15% off storewide and a further 15% off clearance items if you shop before 30th June. Just add the code EOFY22 at checkout. 

EOFY Sale Daily Orders


Something Sustainable 

Looking for an easy way to say goodbye to plastic at home? I’ve found a super-dooper box of plastic-bursting shampoos, conditioners, body washes and more from Zero Co Body. It’s enough to last a family of four 2-3 months!

Sustainable body care


Something Handy 

This might just be the handiest thing I’ve found yet! A chopping board that makes the whole cooking shebang SO much easier. They’ve seriously thought of everything: a phone holder (so you can follow recipes!), a bin for food scraps, food storage trays, handles and a big space for chopping. No need to run to and from the bin or waste dishes on moving chopped veggies to a bowl ‘till you’re ready to use them. BOOM! 

Ultimate kitchen hack


Something Funny 

It’s the age-old question, when do you know for sure you’re done having kids? Usually followed up with something along the lines of “which kid is harder?”. No jokes, this is ALWAYS my response.Show me some love on the Reel if you feel the same! 

Something funny


Have you added the chopping board to your Amazon cart already?! I have, what an invention! Soup up your routine with a  Menu Planner and you’ll be flying through the daily dinner grind.

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