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5 Things We Love - March

Your monthly dose of distractions are here and there are not one but TWO chocolate mentions. BOOM! Aaaaaand, we’ve released a new planner just for small business owners - it’s been yonks in the making. 


Kelly x

P.S. Is it just me or has Term 1 gone for approximately 0.03 seconds? TOTALLY not ready for another round of school holidays. 

Something Yummy

Easter just got easier with this Easter Grazing Platter from Oh So Busy Mum. The best bit? All you’ll need is fresh fruit, hot cross buns, chocolate Easter eggs, dipping chocolate, mini cupcakes and a round board? 

The secret? Buying all ingredients fresh and arranging it like a boss. 




Something Funny

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. If you drive anywhere, ever, you’ve probably noticed the quite alarming petrol prices. Well, Australia has reacted and the memes? They are gooooodddd! 



Something Sustainable 

What’s better than Easter chocolate? Loving Earth’s organic Easter chocolate of course! Cocoa purchased directly from Peruvian farmers, ethical procurement and sustainable ethos make choosing better an easy choice. Manufactured in a solar-powered factory and packaged using home-compostable cardboard, this is the very meaning of guilt-free chocolate. BOOM! 


Something New 

Easter is literally a hop, skip and a jump away which means a) chocolate and b) matching PJs. The matching Rabbit set from Cachia features a monochrome grey and black print for the whole family to enjoy. 


Something Handy

If you run a business, your evening thoughts are likely along the lines of ‘are my sales up or down?’, ‘what about average order value, traffic and conversion rate?’ ‘am I retaining current customers?’. 

Sounding familiar? You aren’t alone which is why I worked with the master herself, Award Winning business owner and mentor, Lisa Jones on an E-Commerce Command Centre. Get all of those thoughts out of your head and into the wall planner for less overwhelm, stat! 


Have you seen something you love lately too? Share it with us because we’re very much in need of distraction right now! 

Kelly & The Daily Orders Team

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