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5 Things We Love - October

Have you read the book ‘Please Don’t Open This Book’ by Andy Lee? It’s the most accurate way to describe this year. I keep trying to trick it into slowing down but it’s NOT WORKING. Gar! 

I’m not ready for the crescendo of November + December - I’ve barely made it through October.

My solution? Distraction & procrastination.


Something Yummy

No bake, no mix, healthy cake? What’s not to love? This watermelon cake is the perfect dish to take to your next BBQ. 


Something Fun

Find a moment of calm in the lead-up to the festivities with an advent calendar just for you. Featuring 24 of T2’s luxury brews, you can sip your way through the silly season. 


Something Sustainable

Would you believe two local teenagers from the Mornington Peninsula (my neck of the woods!) founded a 100% natural & sustainable skincare brand? Yup. They did and it’s incredible. 


Something New

Christmas Gifts Under $50! Meet our top 5 gifts for under $50—the perfect present for Secret Santa, Teachers and Colleagues. 


Something Handy

Drinking 2L of water per day is a life goal for me. I mean, if it’s coffee, no problem but water? I struggle. To motivate me, I’ve invested in this super bright, functional drink bottle from Frank Green. 


Have you seen something you love lately too?Share it with us because we’re very much in need of distraction! 

Kelly & The Daily Orders Team 

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