Well, it has been a week since Daily Orders launched and I'm very pleased to say that we've made some progress! But sheesh, it is not without some hard work! Who knew that running a 'small' business could be so time consuming. From the sourcing of suppliers, ordering of stock, delivery of stock, reconciliation of accounting transactions, dealing with Paypal......the list goes on! Thankfully I have a very supportive and understanding husband who is there to cheer me on when the times get tough. Has anyone tried to use Google Adwords? Don't even get me started on how ridiculously difficult this 'simple' marketing tool is! Out of all of the things I've done, this is the one thing that tipped me over the edge. Thank goodness for the experts at zen10 (https://zen10.com.au/) who are going to help me out with that little beast. 

On a positive note, I'm very pleased to say that the ordering process is going well and stock is moving too - always a good thing for a little investor like me! :) I'm always keen to help more people out though, and help them get their home organised. It really is amazing what a simple organisational tool can do for your sanity. Just by saying 'put it on Daily Orders' makes my life easier. No need to find a scrap of paper to write your reminder on (then dutifully lose it) or find that pen that you just know was on your kitchen bench moments ago (which has actually been taken by the kids to draw on the wall). Your super bright liquid chalk markers are there on your bench (I think you need a special cup for them....maybe my next product.....) waiting patiently to be used! 

Another thing I was thinking of this week, which is particularly important for those with fly in fly out (FIFO) partners is that whatever you write on Daily Orders can be snapped on a camera phone and sent to them. This way when they are travelling, or deployed, they know exactly what is happening back home and it makes them feel part of the family even when they are away. Having been the one away, it is terribly hard not feeling part of home life. Just knowing to ask Courtney about her Year 12 English exam or Flynn about day care can mean then world to them.

Anyway, that's enough from me. I've just had an order come in, so I had better go and get that person organised too.

See you soon :) 

October 07, 2015 by Kelly Walter

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