Recently I posted a blog about how I lost my mobile phone. I thought it was gone for good. The day I lost it, as I was running back to where I had last seen it, I ran into a friend's teenage daughter and she asked how I was. I explained that I had lost my phone and I was off to search for it. "Good luck" she said! So here I was, a couple of weeks later, playing with the family in the lounge room, when there comes a knock at the door. "Hello, is Kelly home?" My husband answers the door, to our friend's daughter. She tells me how out on a walk with her dog, she saw something shining in the dirt in the local school yard. She turned it on, and bam! There was the picture on the front page of my bubba boy and she knew it was mine. Now, that teenager had two options. Keep the phone, ditch the SIM and keep it for herself, or give it back to me. I am so very proud to say that she returned it, in absolutely perfect condition. I know there is a lot in the media these days about 'the youth of today' not being honest, not doing the 'right' thing or being selfish and self-centred, but you know what? There are always some diamonds out there, and I'm pleased to say that I know at least one. The chance that I ran into her the day that I lost it, that she happened to walk to the school yesterday with her dog, that the phone was in perfect condition are all too coincidental to be an accident. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways, and today, for that, I am truly grateful!

Being honest is not only one of the values I've lived by in my career, but it can also have such a great impact in personal lives. Honesty can be tough, but it can also be the one thing that can help us grow, it helps us to understand each other, and how we operate. Being honest here, well this business is one of the hardest things I have done in my life! Hard to take such a big risk, invest money into and cross fingers and toes that people with love the product!! I know it is a brilliant, high quality product and people are loving it. Being honest with myself and my dreams has allowed this business to grow. Coupled with a little bit of faith that everything will be ok, hopefully it will keep growing and growing! 

Kelly :)

November 05, 2015 by Kelly Walter

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