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9 Ways to Eliminate Paper Clutter....Quickly!


Paper clutter can accumulate quickly for so many reasons..

Today we’ll be showing you the proper way to clear it, quickly! 


Label your paper clutter from their level of importance. Every pile of paper clutter always has a few papers on there that have less or no importance to you, so make sure to sort them out and throw them in a different pile while you’re at it.   


Segregate and organise paper Daily Orders 

Create a sustainable filing system 

Now that you’ve segregated which among your files are the most important, it’s time to create your own filing system. This system is even more helpful if most of your important printed files are on papers that have a tendency to fade. A good example of these is thermal receipts that can have text fade in a matter of days. To avoid this, scan these documents and make sure to back them up. Label the files clearly so you can search for them later.  


Daily Orders paper organise 

Make use of a paper shredder 

Not all of the paper you don’t need has zero importance. Papers with confidential information belong to this group. Before throwing out papers with personal information on, make sure to shred them first to protect your privacy. 

 Daily orders organise paper shredder

Sort your mail daily 


You may not have the time to do this weekly, but you surely have a few minutes to spare for this menial task. Every time you get a batch of mail delivered to you, make sure to sort them in piles just so you’ll know which ones deserve your immediate attention, which needs your attention later, and which needs to be shredded or thrown out. Some of our customers use bulldog clips to attach important bills to our planning boards too! 

 Daily Order large organised planner

 Make use of a home keeping binder or planner 

If you can’t scan them, nothing beats a traditional binder or planner that segregates and collects all of your important documents at the same time. Whether it’s your registration or the documents you need for sorting out your tax, having an organised file will help you find anything you need to keep in hard copy. 

 Daily Orders large binder

Use a good quality planner 

With something like our high quality, gloss acrylic planning boards – you can use vibrant liquid chalk markers, so your TO DO list will always be in your face! The boards can sit flat on desks, hang on the wall or follow you from room to room. You will never forget an important event coming up ever again! 


Clear your kitchen counter 

You might not have noticed this yet, but one of the big reasons why your paper clutter is adding up is because you keep them in one place. Altogether. Piling your important documents in one stack can work for some as it’s their habit, but it can cause more trouble than help. It’s always still a better option to keep them in a much safer place away from the kitchen counter where someone else from the family might accidentally spill something and damage the documents. Or worse, someone might take it somewhere else thinking it’s theirs and end up losing the document indefinitely.  

Daily ORders clear kitchen counter 

Minimise the use of paper 

If it’s possible, try paying your bills online or requesting for digital receipts or invoices from companies rather than getting them in the mail. This doesn’t just keep your documents in a single place, but it can also help you segregate without lifting so much as a hand as it’s all in one website or 1 inbox. All you need to do is make a few clicks and store them into folders on your computer or cloud storage, which you can open as needed.   

Make use of a planner fixed on your kitchen or bedroom wall 

Organising your paper clutter that consists of reminders and notes for upcoming events you need to go to can be a nightmare for many whom are too busy to make bigger efforts for reminding themselves. If you’re the type who’s always on the go, making a fixed planner attached to your wall might be the solution for your paper clutter mess. Eliminate the use of sticky notes you’ll likely forget by mounting a daily planner that tells you all that you need to accomplish each day, week, or even month/s! Leave no reminder forgotten with a daily wall planner that you can have fun filling out as well! 

Did our list of paper clutter elimination tips inspire you to segregate your own pile of clutter? If it did, please feel free to share it in a comment below. For more organisation tip and tricks, please visit our blog today. 


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