How to get the most out of your Daily Orders products

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daily orders weekly planning board bright liquid chalk markers

So, you've heard me say time and again how awesome Daily Orders weekly planning boards are. But what is the best way to use them? Well, I've had customers from families to Navy ships, from factory owners to farm owners. Each and every customer uses them in a different way. I've even got a Brisbane Yoga teacher on my list!

There are many ways to get the most out of your board, whether it is landscape or portrait, large or small, but here are just a few to help you on your way, so you can centre your chi, and relax. 

1. Colour code by activity or by person. Maybe yoga, netball or soccer can be in orange and yellow, meals can be in pink, Netflix viewing time for Suits in blue... etc etc. Or if it is easier colour code by person. This way your activities stand out to you, and everyone has a place on the board. P.S. If you haven't seen Suits, you're missing out. It's on Netflix, or current episodes on iTunes. I'm also on a not so secret mission to get one of my boards to the star of the show, but that's a story for another day. 

2. Plan your meals a week in advance and write them on your board so that you can see what you're having every night. If you're missing any ingredients, you can always pop them in the Notes section as a reminder to buy them at the shops. I'll talk more about the grocery shopping later!

3. Draw pictures for younger children who might not be able to read yet but understand the concept of days. So, tomorrow might be ballet day, or basketball day. Draw a picture, or get them to draw it themselves. Not only does that give them some ownership of the activity, it might also encourage them to get involved and have something to look forward to.

4. If your loved one is away, whether it be on an overnight trip, or on a 6 month deployment, why not write all of your activities down, and take a quick photo of the board and send it to them. Having been away often myself pre-children, it was always hard to keep up with family activities back home. This way, your loved one has a greater opportunity to participate in home life and be able to ask more direct questions about the days' activities. 

5. The easiest way to clean your board is simply with a damp cloth. In our house, we use a tea towel dipped in a bit of water. Try not to use your dish cloth as it can smear. When you're done wiping the week away, just give a quick wipe over with the dry part of the tea towel and it is shiny and new!

So these are just a few ways to get the most out of your board. I mentioned above that I would talk more about shopping. Have you seen our AMAZING Trolley Bags? If you've ever stuffed around at the supermarket checkout trying to arrange those Coles or Woolies square bags, had plastic bags coming out your ears, or just live in Canberra (where they have no plastic bags at all at supermarkets), then you're going to want to grab some of these. 

After you've made your shopping list on your Daily Orders weekly planning board, taken a photo of it on your phone (cool idea, hey?) and braved the shops, all you need to do is hook your Trolley Bags at the front of your shopping trolley, and proudly collect your groceries. Once everything is unloaded onto the conveyor belt and you've unfurled your Trolley Bags into your trolley and commence packing with ease, it starts. It's your time. Time to welcome the admiration, inquisitive stares and questions from your fellow shoppers; "Wow, what are they?" "Ooh, they look awesome, I wonder where he got them" etc.

 Trolley bags for Daily Orders

So, what are they? An awesome patented design from the UK which makes shopping a breeze. The bags simply unroll into your trolley on their rods, and when you're ready to pack away into the car, the velcro between the bags simply disconnects, and you pop them in your car. Couldn't be any easier. These bags are great for any shopping, but particularly when you're at ALDI and they shoot those groceries through at a million kilometres an hour. I was once told they had to scan 1000 items an hour, but I think that has since changed? Either way, no matter where you shop, these Trolley Bags are brilliant. You might notice that the bags in Australia are sold through a major distributor, and that their website is printed on them. Yes that is true. But you know what, if you buy from me, you get the same great product at the same price, but you also get to help one Mama develop her small business to be able to stay at home with the kids. Naaw...hits you in the feels, doesn't it? ;) 

If you love both of these products, and just can't do without, we're also offering a bundle and save option here

Well, I hope some of these tips and tricks help you to get the most out of your Daily Orders products. If you've got any feedback, I'd love to hear it!! Talk soon x


March 19, 2016 by Kelly Walter

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