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Non-sucky Mother's Day ideas

Here’s how to give mum what she really wants

Is it just me, or does Mother’s Day seem to sneak up on us every year? Maybe it was the later Easter this year, but our once a year special day is only a couple of weeks away.

And I’m waiting for it…

That last-minute rush to the shops by the kids and partner.

But first, the questions – ‘Mum, do you need new slippers? Mum, what size are your PJs? Mum, what’s your favourite perfume?’.

And yes, I can laugh at the yearly Mother’s Day panic from my kids, but it also has me thinking about my Mum. What do you give a lady who seems to have everything? I’m sure we’re both over the bath bombs and skincare hampers that sit in our bathroom cabinets for months.

Today I thought we’d quickly run through our top 6 Mother’s Day gift ideas.

mothers day gift ideas

Top 6 Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love

1. Help your Mum to relax:

Buy items such as:

  • An Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and schedule in some time on Mother’s Day for her to sit quietly, choose and start reading a good book
  • A voucher to a local spa for a massage, a facial, a pedicure, a haircut, or getting her nails done
  • Get her a decent bottle of wine that you make her sit down and drink while watching her favourite movie (light some relaxing scented candles too)

2. Personalise your ‘Mum’ gift:

Find an online store that offers personalised printing. You can get a t-shirt or jumper personalised with whatever you’d like to say, and you can even include your favourite photo on it. A friend’s Mum adored her dog, so she had her dog’s face printed onto a pair of socks for her Mum – and she loved them!

3. Make your own ‘Mum’ vouchers:

Mums love quirky little gifts like a book of personalised vouchers – one meal of your choice cooked for you, your choice of TV shows for the whole night, one breakfast in bed, a cup of coffee made. Get creative and make some vouchers your mum can use but remember – you need to make sure she uses them and doesn’t just put them in a drawer with a smile.

4. Help mum to sleep better:

We all know sleep-deprived mums aren’t great for anyone. So, you’ve got a few options to help mum sleep better:

  • Buy new (high quality) bed sheets and make her a new bed before she goes to bed that night
  • Get her a new, supportive pillow (a good pillow can make all the difference)
  • Give her the fluffiest, comfiest PJs you can find (yes, it’s a bit stereotyped but still good!) and let her lounge around in them all day long

5. Household appliances mum won’t throw at your head:

Whatever you do, don’t buy your Mum household appliances that relate to chores (such as a vacuum cleaner). The last thing you want mum to do on Mother’s Day is to feel like she needs to be the cleaner. Buy her a deluxe coffee machine (and make her a coffee). Get a foot spa, a facial massager, an Epilady, a heated blanket – anything but a vacuum!

6. Mums love jewellery:

I bet every mum has a pasta necklace stored lovingly in a bedside drawer. It’s these types of things mums cherish. But mums also love the real stuff! You can never have too many earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Top ideas for Mother’s Day are a locket necklace with your photos inside, or you could get a charm bracelet (like Pandora) which gives you gift ideas for many occasions to come.

mothers day gift ideas

Here are some of the top sites to buy Mother’s Day presents:

  • Create personalised gifts at Snapfish
  • RedBalloon has a range of gifts from gourmet experiences to luxury getaways
  • If you want to support others, share unconditional love with a gift from UNICEF
  • For jewellery, you can add to, check out Pandora
  • eBay is a great place to find appliances your mum will love
  • Find Kindles and heaps more at Amazon
  • Get great deals on everything for your mum from Catch
  • Oh did I mention Daily Orders? They have some amazing planners. You should totally check them out..

Need help scheduling mum time on Mother’s Day?

We’d love to hear about the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received (or given to your mum).

And if you want help to block out some special mum time on Mother’s Day, why not use one of our Daily Orders planenrs to get organised. Get yours here

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