Boost Marks & Reduce Stress With A Weekly Wall Planner for Kids

Staying organised throughout the school term can be tricky. With conflicting schedules, exam weeks, and neverending assignments, kids can easily become overwhelmed trying to juggle their commitments. A kid’s weekly wall planner allows them to put their schedule up on the wall and keep track of all those school stressors.

Benefits of a Weekly Wall Planner for Kids

Manage Due Dates

The most obvious benefit to having a kid’s weekly wall planner is that it makes managing due dates easy. All upcoming work is right there, up on the wall. That means that both you and your child can know what’s coming up next, plan extra study time, and never miss a due date again. 

Reduce Stress

Kids weekly wall planners aren’t just for planning out due dates. Keep track of everything from after school activities to special events. By having your child’s weekly schedule up on the wall, neither you nor your kid will be worried about forgetting anything or missing an important date. You’ll also avoid the stress of double booking your child during an important exam week or school event.

Boost Grades

When kids are less stressed and have a handle on their own schedule, it gives them room to think, plan, and study. Assignments are less likely to be left to the last minute and tests can be studied for ahead of time. This extra preparation often leads to a boost in their grades overall. 

Happier Kids

One of the best things about planning out the school week is that it makes kids happier! When kids are doing well at school and don’t feel overwhelmed by a chaotic and hard to track schedule, it means that they can spend less time stressing and more time being kids.

The Best Kids Weekly Wall Planners For School

When it comes to planning for school, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all kids weekly wall planner. Different planners suit different types of kid’s needs. Here’s our guide to finding the best planner for your child.

For Keeping Track of Tasks

Does your child struggle with time management? Our weeklyTo Do List planner is the perfect thing for keeping track of homework, chores, and study. Simply list the weekly tasks your child needs to complete and get them to check off each task once finished. They will be able to easily see what needs to be done and you will be able to keep an eye on their progress.

For Big Families

Keeping track of multiple kids? OurPersonalised Weekly Wall Planner has enough room to manage every child’s schedule. Each member of the family can be assigned their own row where you can keep track of after school commitments, due dates, test days and more.

For Planning The Entire Term

To see an entire term of due dates, events, and exams at once, check out ourSchool Term Planner. You can easily plan out an entire term, seeing every upcoming important date well before it creeps up on you. With weekly rows, you can also plan out daily activities and schedule homework.

For Planning on the wall and on the go

If your child likes to plan on the go as well as keep track of their school dates on the wall, the Planning Starter Kit is the way to go. A perfect gift for those transitioning to high school, including a wall planner, notebook and markers.

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