Claim A Wall Planner On The NDIS
Claim Wall Planner on NDIS

We’re really proud to be registered NDIS providers. There are a lot of companies out there who can supply you with an invoice for self-managed or plan-managed funds, but only registered NDIS providers can help you claim through your NDIA-managed funds. You can spend NDIS funding on wall planners to help you with your Daily Needs. 

What is the NDIS? 

TheNational Disability Insurance Scheme supports individuals with a disability. To obtain funding, you (or your child) must meet the NDIS Criteria: 

  • You must be aged between 7 and 65
  • You must live in Australia, be an Australian citizen or a holder of a permanent visa
  • You have a permanent and significant disability and require support from another person to go about your day-to-day like 
  • You require special equipment to be able to function well 
  • You need support now to reduce your future needs 
  • You live in a place where the NDIS is being implemented 

If you or your child meets the criteria above, contact the NDIS to apply for funding.You cannot claim a wall planner on the NDIS without obtaining official NDIS support. 

Wall Planners & NDIS 

Those with an intellectual disability may struggle with speech, listening skills, reading, writing, problem-solving, processing and remembering information. Cognitive disabilities can impact how you think, learn new things, use judgement to make decisions and pay attention. While sensory needs may cause impairment in processing auditory instructions. 

Our wall planners are a key visual communication tool for families. Using visual cues rather than auditory instructions can help your special needs child retain and process information. 

Visual Planner NDIS

How To Claim A Wall Planner On The NDIS 

We are registered under the Assistive Technologies and Comms and Info Equipment categories. Many participants also claim directly from their consumables budget.We are able to process Self Managed, Plan Managed and NDIA Managed invoices.  

To order,complete our online formensuring you select ‘NDIS Order’. This will then be processed and you’ll be sent an invoice. You can pay this directly if you are self-managed or send it through to your provider if you are NDIA Managed.

Our NDIS Provider Number is4050054298 / 4-433J-1345

We’ve made purchasing and claiming a smooth process with a dedicated NDIS coordinator, Nadia. You can contact her directly with any enquiries via email


Selecting A Wall Planner

Create routines, checklists and visual schedules for your family with our range of wall planners. We’ve gathered our top planners claimed on the NDIS to help you find the right one for you. 

Command Centre - Large 

The perfect planner to visually communicate weekly, monthly and daily tasks all in one! 

Visual Planner For Autistic Children

Absolutely brilliant! We absolutely love our board! It’s helped my ASD kiddo become less anxious as she can now read for herself and visualise what’s going on in her week, what everyone else is doing, why’s for tea and more! Wish I had found it sooner! 

-Taye E

Personalised Medium Wall Planner

Visually plan the week ahead, add daily tasks and colour code it to help keep it clear. You can use this planner for the whole family or just one person to break down their weekly to-do’s, events, things to remember and more. 

Claim a wall planner on NDIS

Hot tip:Use ourChalk Markers to write, colour code and illustrate the schedule! 

“We love our boards. We use our board to keep track of all appointments for 4 of us, especially with 3 on NDIS. This lets all the support workers know what’s happening each day. I have each person colour coded with a different colour pen for family dates or holidays.”

- Alexis H

To-Do List - Medium 

Help establish a smoother morning and night routine at home with a dedicated to-do list. Use it for the whole family or just one person with room to tick as you go. 

Visual checklist for autistic kids

"Amazing quality. Just like the website shows. So glossy and shiny. Hopefully, this helps my autistic child with learning and prioritising tasks that need to be done. He decided that the picture chart we previously were using was "for babies", so hopefully this is a bit more grown-up. Haha. I love that companies like this can work with the NDIS to help provide for those of us who need things to help with scheduling."

- Emily M.

Browse our planners to find the best tool to create valuable habits, build routines, and keep everyday life in check. We are an NDIS approved Shop and you can spend your consumables funding on Daily Orders planners.

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