Do You Need A Weekly Family Planner?


Thinking about getting a weekly family planner? Chances are that if you think you need organisation, you probably do. A weekly planner is never a bad idea. It lets you nail down your family’s daily and weekly schedule so that you always know who needs to be where and when. It can also help you delegate chores and master your own daily routine.

Still unsure about whether you really need a weekly family planner? If you relate to any of the following statements, a weekly family planner is for you.

Reasons You Need a Weekly Family Planner

You’re always running late OR forget weekly events/activities

If you’re constantly running late or you keep forgetting important commitments, that’s a clear sign you need some organisation in your life. To keep track of your days, get aPersonalised Large Wall Planner. You can assign a row to each family member, getting them to write down their commitments so that your weekly schedule is right in front of your face, every day.

Your kids don’t do their chores

Getting our kids to do their chores can be a mission. Whether they’re avoiding them or just completely forget about them, it’s always up to you to remind them - so if you forget, the chores just don’t get done. Enter ourTo Do List weekly planner. This bad boy has ample space for you to write out every single chore and assign it to a specific family member. Give each of your kids a different colour pen and get them to check the board every day to tick off their chores.

You spend way too much time in the kitchen OR ordering takeaway

Whether you’re spending hours in the kitchen every day or you’re consistently forgetting dinner until it’s too late and takeaway is the only option, you need a weekly family planner. To be specific, you need aWeekly Menu Planner. This will help you plan out your meals every week so that you can get all your grocery shopping done at once, prep and cook in bulk, and save money and time when you cook. Check out our full guide onFamily Dinner Planning for more info.

You’re stressed and overwhelmed

Planning and scheduling for a whole family can be completely overwhelming. You’re responsible for everybody making it to their commitments, eating balanced meals, and doing their chores. That’s a lot of weight on your shoulders! It’s normal to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Fortunately, with a little planning, we can reduce that mental load.

For ultimate organisation, pull out the big guns with ourMaster Command Centre Wall Planner. This is the heavyweight champion of wall planners, complete with a weekly overview, monthly calendar, and plenty of space to mark down meal plans, upcoming events, shopping lists, chores, and more. Write in every upcoming event, after school activity, chore and commitment so that it’s out of your head and you’ll never miss a beat.

Looking for more weekly family planners that can help you and your family get organised?Browse our range of weekly, monthly, and annual planners. Check out ourFacebook Page to see reviews and for our latest useful planning blogs.

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