Don’t Think You Need a Yearly Wall Planner? You’re About to Be Proven Wrong

Think a weekly or monthly planner is more than enough organisation for your household? Think again! You may believe that a yearly wall planner is overkill, but it can actually be a terrific tool to organise and motivate you and your family. Here are our top reasons why you need a yearly wall planner in your home.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Need a Yearly Wall Planner

Due Dates Will Never Creep Up On You

If you have kids in high school or your work is ruled by deadlines, you know what it’s like to be caught off guard by a forgotten due date. This is where weekly planners can really fall short. If you forget to look ahead, you can turn the page and bam, a big project is due in a few days, sending you or your kids into a frenzy. By having your due dates clearly planned out in front of you on a yearly wall planner, they will never send you into an all-nighter again.

Schedule in Advance

One of the biggest advantages of having a yearly wall planner is the ability to schedule your events well in advance. How many times have you had to turn down an event because you have no idea what you and your family are doing that weekend? By having your entire year laid out in front of you it’s easy to see when you are and aren’t available.

Stop Overbooking Yourself

Another perk of scheduling in advance is that you won’t overbook or double book yourself. Having the entire year planned out on a yearly wall planner makes it easy to identify busy weekends and avoid those dates when you’re making plans. This way you can also schedule cruisy weekends after full on weekends to give yourself and your family a break.

Everybody Is Accountable

How many times have you heard your spouse or kids say that they weren’t told about an event, activity, or due date? By having an annual wall planner in a common space where everyone can add to it and see it, everyone in your household is now accountable.

Nobody can use the excuse “I wasn’t told” or “I didn’t know” because every event and going-on is right there on the wall, for everyone to see.

Plan Out Your Goals in Big Picture Detail

We all know that planners are great for getting organised, but how can they improve your life beyond that? The answer is through goal setting. Take some time to figure out what your big picture goals are. It could be paying off a chunk of your mortgage, learning a new skill, or just spending more time with the kids. These big picture goals are easy to push aside from week to week, which is why a yearly wall planner comes in handy. 

By planning out deadlines for your big picture goals on a yearly wall planner, you’ll be constantly reminded of them every time you look at your planner. These reminders will prompt you to take action on the monthly, weekly, and daily steps you need to take in order to reach those goals, making it more likely that you will actually achieve them.

Look Back at Your Year

Lastly, one of the best reasons to use a yearly wall planner is to give yourself some perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and not fully register your progress and achievements. Having every single event, birthday, activity, and memory mapped out on your yearly wall planner will visually represent your year in full. You will be able to look back on everything that you and your family have done and appreciate those memories before you wipe the slate clean for the new year.

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