Force of Change

You might be aware that when you support Daily Orders, you're supporting a Navy veteran (that's me, and not my husband in case you were wondering, although he is, too!). If you weren't aware, you are now :)

There are plenty of businesses and community members out there that don't understand the value that ex-Defence personnel can bring to the workplace, particularly when they read our very Defence specific resumes. Other than 'operation-this' or 'Her Majesty's Australian Ship-that' our resumes are hard to interpret. 

Two weeks ago, I was interviewed by The Canberra Times as part of the Veteran's Employment Program, and the article was published today.  As part of the program, 18 companies have committed to giving veterans a fair chance at employment in their ranks, by providing a pathway into the workforce and ensuring the goal is retention, not just recruitment. 

If you'd like to read more about the program and some of the success stories of veterans transitioning from the Defence Force (including yours truly), I welcome you to read the article by clicking here.


November 12, 2017 by Kelly Walter

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