Hacks to Maximise Your Daily Orders Command Centre!

Parent life is a bit like a rollercoaster, right? And staying on top of everything can be a challenge. If you've got your eye on a Daily Orders Command Centre, or it's already found its place on your wall, we've got some nifty tips to help you make the most of it. 

Time is your currency and these simple scheduling hacks pay dividends. 


Daily Orders Command Centre


1. Splash of Colour with Acrylic Chalk Markers

Your Command Centre and  Acrylic Chalk Markers are like peas and carrots - perfectly ok alone but together - quite a duo! Use big, bold lettering and vibrant colours. Turn your to-dos into a visual masterpiece! The more fun it looks, the more likely the whole family will jump on board. 

Who said scheduling can't be a party?

Daily Orders Command Centre

2. Choose Your Spot Wisely

Where you hang your Command Centre matters! Pick a central spot in your home, like the kitchen or living room, where everyone can see it. It's not just a planner; it's a visual cue for the entire family. The more you encounter it, the more it becomes second nature to check and update. 

Let it be the navigator in the chaos of everyday life.

Daily Orders Command Centre

3. Tackle the Mental Load, One Task at a Time

We get it—parenting often comes with an overwhelming mental load. But fear not! Your Command Centre is here to help you tackle that load one delegated task at a time. 

Use the designated spaces for each aspect of your life:

  • Menu & Groceries: Plan your meals for the week and jot down the ingredients you need. No more last-minute grocery store dashes!
  • Family & To-Do’s: Keep everyone in the loop with family events and shared responsibilities. Let your kids feel the power of crossing off tasks—they'll love it!
  • Weekly & Monthly Schedule: Plot out your week and month so you know what needs attention now Vs not now. Better still, you can access it all at a glance. 
  • + Space to Add Your Must-Haves & Reminders: Don't forget the little things that make life special. Birthday parties, anniversaries, soccer games and that important meeting—it all fits!

4. Delegate and Empower

Your Command Centre is the secret weapon that can kickstart the journey to raising confident, capable humans. Forget the chaos of backpacks, reminders, and after school madness. Simply transfer it all onto your Command Centre.

Direct your kids to the planner, empowering them to take charge of their own day. Assign responsibilities, like emptying lunchboxes or listing their daily tasks. Before you know it, they'll be rocking it like champions, no longer needing your assistance!

Daily Orders Command Centre

5. Free Up Mental Clutter

By delegating and scheduling, you'll free up mental space to be your best self. You gotta do it yourself or it won't happen! Ditch the juggling act and say hello to a more organised, less stressed you!

Remember, our Command Centre is like a Swiss army knife, full of features you didn’t even realise you had at your disposal!

Acrylic Chalk Markers

So, grab those Acrylic Chalk Markers, find the perfect spot for your Command Centre, and let the scheduling adventure begin! Turn chaos into order, one vibrant stroke at a time. Your Daily Orders Command Centre is not just a planner—it's your partner in family harmony and personal sanity.

Happy scheduling, and may your days be as colourful as your planner! 

Kelly x

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