How To Make Christmas Gifting Less Stressy

 Christmas Planning


Every single year I promise myself I won’t be stuck wrapping presents and purchasing last-minute gift cards at 11 pm on Christmas eve and every single year, there I am panic planning. Instead of waking up refreshed and ready to enjoy the big day, I’m exhausted, overwhelmed and kinda over it if I’m honest. 


In an effort to enjoy the season, I’ve developed a handy gift planning guide. The good news is, it’s available for you to download too! 

1. Set a realistic budget 

With inflation, rising interest rates and all the other joys that come with living in a post-pandemic world, your budget may look a little different this year. 

According toFinder, the average Australian will spend $1,265 this silly season.


Presents are the big ticket item with most of us spending $374 or more…The average spend graph from Finder (below) gives you a good starting point to create a budget. 

Christmas Planning Budget

Action Point:Make a list of who you’re purchasing for and what you hope to spend on each person. Use mygift plannerand keep it tight.

2. Save on gifting 

Impulse purchasing and those last-minute grabs are expensive. You can save a heap if you shop smarter.  



Hold out for Black Friday!  Traditionally a US-based promotion, it’s taken off here in Australia too. In fact, you can bet your bottom dollar (literally) most retailers will be hosting a deal or two come November. 



Here’s a sneaky one, most brands will give you 10% off for signing up to their email list. Providing you haven’t shopped with them before, this is money for jam.


Check your rewards! You’d be surprised how many reward points you earn throughout the year. Check your FlyBuys, Everyday Rewards, Credit Cards, Shop Back and even your favourite retailer to see what you can drum up! 



Handmade gifts and op-shopping to find aunique gift are both excellent options to save some cash too. 




Action Point:Window shop for deals, sign up for mailing lists and check your rewards for bonus cash!

Christmas Gift Planning

3. Keep track of your gifting 

How many times have you thought you’d purchased a gift only to realise you hadn’t? Or purchased the same thing twice? Yup, it’s happened to me too.


Keep track of your gift list, what you’ve purchased, and spent and the status of each gift with myFREE Gift Tracker.  Even better, delegate 50% of it to your partner! 


Action Point:Download my FREEgift planner, delegate what you can and stay organised. 

Christmas Planning Gift Tracker

4. Wrap it up early!

I mean this literally and figuratively. There are SO many things happening throughout December, the last thing you need to do is spend all your spare time shopping. Instead, lean into school concerts, family gatherings, driving around to see the Christmas lights and nights out with friends.



Get every single gift purchased and wrapped before 1st December. With Black Friday deals, sales and promos being what they are now there’s no excuse not to. Wrangle a friend or family member, grab a nice bottle of vino and get your gifts Christmas morning ready early so you can enjoy Christmas eve this year. 




Action Point:Mark 1st December down as your deadline for shopping for + wrapping ALL gifts. 

Christmas Planning

Remember, gifting is meant to be fun. Take the stress out of the equation, plan in advance and enjoy the magical time of year. Don’t forget to update your wall plannerand keep delegating! 


Kelly x

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