How to not take a bad day home with you

My husband has been in hospital lately following major surgery (he's ok, thanks for wondering) but it has given me some time at night to cruise the internet for interesting things. One of those things is a TEDxQUT talk by Dr. Adam Fraser. 

If you've ever come home from a crappy day at work, and you've felt the impact of that day on your homelife, this is something you just have to watch. i.e. you've had a tough day with the boss, or having to chase overdue invoices, or your co-worker is being a pain in the butt, you come home, and you're blasted with questions by the kids, and then all of a sudden, BAM! You lose your cool. "KIDS - SHUT UP! LET ME TALK TO YOUR MUM/DAD, JUST CLEAN YOUR ROOM" etc etc... 

As a Mum of 2, I try to go with what works for us, and not take too much in from the general musings of the interwebs, but I must admit, this really caught my eye. The best thing about it, is that when I went to get my hubby a book to take to hospital the next day, I found Dr Fraser's book on his bedside table. Meant to be? Perhaps. So read on if you will. 

It discusses the concept of The Third Space, which is the space between the moment you have just left, and the moment that is about to come, and how what you do in that Third Space, can have a remarkable impact on your homelife. It is oh so simple, but the flow on effects are so obvious. It's a 17 or so minute talk, but please take the time to watch it when you have some quiet time by yourself. You'll be glad you did. 

I'd love for your to share your thoughts below. 

To happy homes, 

Kelly x

P.S. Our planners can be used to remind ourselves of others of the need for some space. Write it in, and make it happen.


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