How to Prepare and Plan for the School Holidays

School holidays are coming up fast, which means one thing. Hearing the phrase ‘I’m bored’ over and over. While boredom can be the greatest driver of imaginative play, it certainly helps to have a few activities and events planned out so that both you and your kids don’t go too stir crazy. Here are a few ways you can use your wall planner to prepare for the school holidays.

5 Ways Your Wall Planner will Help You Through School Holidays

Plan an Activity of the Day/Week

A great way to avoid the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ complaint is to give the kids something to look forward to. Planning an activity of the day or week gives the school holidays some semblance of the routine and structure that kids are used to getting in school. 

The activities could be big events of the week like visiting a museum or trampoline park, or small daily activities like swimming in the pool one day and going for a bike ride the next. By having a focal point of the day your kids will be more likely to entertain themselves in the meantime, knowing that there is something to look forward to.

Book in Holiday Care and Playdates

Having the kids with you 24/7 can become overwhelming for everyone involved, not to mention boring for the kids. They have gone from having dozens of friends at school to having nobody but you to play with. It won’t be long until you’re all played out.

A great way to avoid this holiday overwhelm is to book your kids in for holiday care. It gives them a chance to socialise and get out energy while you can have some time to yourself. You can also share the load with a group of parents. Plan for all the kids to head to one friend’s house a week for a playdate. You can either go along and enjoy some more mature company as the kids play, or stay home for some peace and quiet.

Sneak in Some Chores

Who said holidays are all fun and games? Chores still need to get done, and the school holidays are a great opportunity for putting yourself and the kids to work. Use the time to plan out one big chore you need to tackle as a family throughout the week, such as cleaning out the kids’ cupboards and donating clothes or weeding the garden. Put it on your wall planner as the chore of the week and use it as your go-to whenever anyone says they have nothing to do.

Make an ‘I’m Bored’ List

No matter how much you plan out the holidays, your kids will still complain that there is nothing to do. All you need to combat this little problem is an ‘I’m Bored’ list.

Write out as many activities and things that your kids can do by themselves on your wall planner as you can. Some great ideas to include are to do a puzzle, build a blanket fort, create the longest dominoes line they can, read a book, make a time capsule, or play hide and seek with their toys. Whenever your kids even look like they’re going to say ‘I’m bored’, just point to the list.

Chip away at Your First Day of School To-Do List

You have things to do on the school holidays, and a big one is preparing for the first day back. When left to the last minute, the week before school can be complete madness running around to get all the supplies you need. Why not spread out the transition throughout the holidays by ticking off one task from your back-to-school checklist with your kids each week?

They can spend time decorating the front of their exercise books, iron patches onto their backpacks, and have a new pair of school shoes well before term starts. For more tips on managing the transition back to school, click here

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