How to Use Daily Planners to Achieve Your Life Goals

Hey Mums, let’s have a real talk. Between juggling kids, managing a home, and possibly squeezing in a career or personal goals, life can feel like a never-ending to-do list. But here’s a little secret: a wall planner can be your best friend. Trust me, it changed the way a normal day goes and is a daily support tool that makes mum-life that much easier. Let's explore how a wall planner works its magic to provide you with the balance and organisation you need.

Easy Planning, Your Daily To-Dos at a Glance

We all know that setting daily to-dos makes a big difference and this counts in mum-life too. In fact, many mums do this subconsciously. Setting a reminder on your phone to pick up craft paper for the kids? Making a mental note to pick up milk after work? Need to call Grandma and Grandpa for a Sunday dinner invitatione? A wall planner brings your endless list to one space so it’s visible and accessible.

Set it up on a wall and take the load off your mind by moving your mental list to your wall planner. This small step can make a huge impact. I can’t recall the number of times I’ve scratched my head trying to remember what else I need to do. And I know I’m not the only one who has done this. Now, all I need is to hop on over to my handy wall planner and I immediately know what comes next. I’ll admit it though, the best part of my having a wall planner where I can see it is ticking off each task.

Having all your daily goals in one place also makes things much more manageable. You can group your tasks according to time or place to make the most out of your planning. Need to drop by the post office to pick up a parcel before a grocery run? Write them down next to each other on your wall planner and save yourself a second trip.

When used effectively and incorporated into your daily routine, your wall planner makes a world of difference.

A Day in the Life of a Planner Mum

Every mum knows that taking care of a family and managing a household is a lot more work than it seems. Sometimes it can even feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube… blindfolded. But some people have done it. Fewer on solving that Rubik’s cube, but many on being amazing mums.

So, how do they do it? There’s no one real answer but we know a thing or two about planning for your family. We recommend that you hang your wall planner at a place you and your family frequent in your home. You want it in an accessible area where you can quickly jot down any new to-dos. You can also start your morning by filling your daily planner out. Prioritise as you go, if there are any urgent things on your list, you’ll want to list those first. With everything laid out in your planner, it's easier to see what needs your immediate attention.

As you’re writing things down, remember that there are only 24 hours in a day and you don’t want to overfill your calendar. Giving yourself space to breathe as you plan out your day makes it feel more manageable. Don’t forget a coffee break or to set aside some time to spend with your kids. You can even plan an hour of TV time while the laundry gets done in the background and your little ones are having their afternoon nap. A mum’s life shouldn’t need to be constantly on the go. Some downtime lets you have the rest you need to be productive in the best way possible. Have a balanced day for you and your family. Remember, effective time management for your household is about quality, not just quantity.

At Daily Orders, we understand that a mum’s life is unpredictable, and sometimes, plans need to change. Maybe it started raining out of nowhere and you have to cancel a trip to the park with the kids. Or perhaps your partner has to work late and can’t pick up some eggs on the way home. The beauty of a daily planner is its flexibility. If something doesn't go as planned, simply reassess and rearrange your tasks. Move ‘going to the park’ to tomorrow and have an at-home arts and crafts day. A planner is your adaptable companion, not a rigid overseer.

Undated Wall Planners You Can Personalise

As a mum, it’s a given that your concerns extend to your home. There’s no need to worry if a wall planner will match your home decor as our range is designed to suit many different interior styles. Made to be functional and beautiful, you can personalise it and turn your daily planner into a vibrant extension of your home and family. Use a variety of colours from our liquid chalk marker range. Colours are mood lifters and help set the tone and aesthetics for your home. Energised by orangered? That's your go-to for high-priority items like attending a parent-teacher meeting. Love the calmness of blue? Use it for more relaxed schedules such as nap time. This colour-coding adds a splash of fun and makes organisation effortless and fun. You can also assign a colour for each family member or type of activity. Blue for school stuff, green for grocery shopping, and pink for your tasks. This not only makes your planner look cheerful but also helps you quickly identify what’s what at a glance. Our daily planners have plenty of space to add drawings for a playful touch. You don’t have to be an artist, have fun with it.

You can also add inspirational quotes to personalise your planner. These could be powerful sayings from people you admire, lines from your favourite book, or even a family motto that ties everything together. After all, your family is the reason you’re working hard to manage the home. Let them be a reminder and the motivation you need for busier days.

Your daily planner is the perfect place to capture precious family moments. Add in family photos or pictures captured during milestones such as birthdays and graduations. Designed for you and your family, these snippets give your planner a personal and familial touch. This keeps your planner feeling fresh and makes planning an enjoyable and creative process for you and your family.

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