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Mum-tastic Tales: Daily Orders Staff Share the Scoop!

Motherhood – where chaos and coffee reign supreme. Who better than our multitasking staff who are also master planners of mum life, to spill the tea on navigating the madness?

At Daily Orders, we're not just planner experts; we're mums mastering the mayhem of parenthood too!

Get ready for some unfiltered tales and top tips from the trenches.


Ever had a moment that made you question your sanity? Bonus points if it involved glitter or a rogue pet!

Deanita:  Yep, definitely had one of those days. I once rocked up to my daughter's friend's birthday party a whole week early. I swear there was glitter involved, just not on that particular weekend.

Nadia:  Oh, I've had my fair share of sanity-testing moments. Picture this: reminding your child five times to pack their drink bottle for school, only for them to announce, "Mum, I forgot it," as you pull up to the carpark. Sorry kiddo, looks like it's water fountain drinks today!

Kelly:  Let me tell you about chaos – rescuing an English Setter Puppy who'd never been inside a house before. Every night was like the aftermath of a teenage party – dirt and empty food packets everywhere!

Katie:  Sanity? What's that again? Oh right, that thing I question every time my toddler decides to make my life more 'interesting.' Like the time he dropped a full bottle of red cordial concentrate on the floorboards. It was like watching a slow-motion disaster movie as it trickled down to the back of the room.

Amy:  Chaos is my middle name, I swear! Just when I thought I had it all together, we decided to add a fourth child – a.k.a. our pet French Bulldog. It's like having another kid in the house. Sometimes, I wonder why we ever agreed to this!

Balancing work and family life is like tightrope walking with a toddler clinging to your leg. How do you keep your cool and stay on track? 

Deanita:  I've got it down to a science. Lots of deep breaths and forward planning. Working together with my family to plan out the week in advance is key to keeping everyone alive and fed.

Nadia:  Lists and reminders throughout the day are my lifesavers. My kids thrive on knowing what's coming up, so keeping these updates handy means I'm not repeating myself a million times a day.

Kelly:  If there's one thing I've learned, it's that a bit of bribery goes a long way! Seriously though, I struggle with anxiety a lot, so I need to rest to recharge. Reading Lee Child books helps me relax – even if they're crime books!

Katie:  Routine, routine, routine! It's all about planning ahead and making sure everyone knows where they need to be at any given moment. We've got meals planned at the start of the week, and a menu is written on the planner. Snacks are made on Sundays to avoid lunchbox food shortages. And involving the whole family in housework is crucial – after all, a house of 7 cannot be kept afloat by just one person!

Amy:  Keeping cool? I wish! But having a good routine definitely helps. I'm lucky to have great support from my family and my husband. We make a good team, so if one of us is busy, the other steps in. A good routine keeps us on the same page.

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Every mum has a secret parenting weapon – what's yours? 

Deanita:  Meditation with noise-canceling headphones is my daily dose of sanity.

Nadia:  No secret weapon here. A consistent routine/schedule keeps everyone on track. Doing homework and chores at the same time every day makes it less of a shock when I announce it's chore time.

Kelly:  Letting the kids know that if they don’t find something to do, I will find them a chore to do. It's amazing how quickly they get creative when faced with the prospect of chores!

Katie:  Acceptance, persistence, patience, and reminding myself that we are all human and are constantly learning. We don’t need to be the best parent; we just need to strive to be the best version of ourselves.

Amy:  Snacks! I always make sure I have snacks for the kids. Straight after school or our extracurricular activities, I've learned that my kids' moods are heavily influenced by being hungry. Also, getting out for a walk is non-negotiable for me. It's my time to recharge and do something for myself.

Picture this: 24 blissful hours kid-free. How do you spend it? 

Deanita:  A night in the city with my husband and a good comedy show – sounds like heaven!

Nadia:  Doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Eating whatever I want, without having to hide my good snacks!

Kelly:  In bed alone with a good book and an endless supply of chocolate. Ah, bliss!

Katie:  With my husband, tucked up on the couch, reconnecting, talking, reading. Then out to a nice relaxing dinner without anyone spilling a drink!

Amy:  I wake up late and then go for a long walk followed by brunch out somewhere nice. My afternoon would be spent reading a good book uninterrupted. Dinner out with some friends and then finish the day with a movie that isn't a cartoon!

We’re celebrating mums who do it all (and then some) this Mother’s Day. Here's to those moments when you find crayons in the washing machine and lengthy bedtime stories that turn into impromptu dance parties.

If anyone knows how to keep it together amidst the madness, it's us mums! 

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