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Navigate the School Year Like a Pro – A Parent's Playbook!

Welcome to the Parenting version of The Hunger Games - another school year! We’re about to enter the arena, and like it or not, you are the tribute delegated to manage the logistical, emotional, and physical load of getting your kids through another school year. From homework hurdles to lost lunchbox mysteries, we've got the handiest tips to make each obstacle a little smaller.

Step 1: Create a Master Plan

Take charge of each term with our Term Planners. Grab the school’s calendar of events, and each kid's class schedule and plot out assignment due dates, timetable particulars, and days of note. Use our Acrylic Chalk Markers to colour code by child and activity for a glance-and-go masterplan.

Step 2: Tame the Daily Chaos

Every family has their unique tempo at home, but all school kids have the same daily non-negotiables. Don’t let the basics trip you up. Instead, embrace the art of structuring their routine with daily to-dos. Use the notes section of your Term Planner or grab a To-Do List to create a tick-and-flick list of what needs action every day. For example:

  • Brush Teeth
  • Pack School Bag
  • Apply Sunscreen
  • Get Dressed
  • Eat Breakfast

Hint: Allocate achievable tasks for their age group, and if you’re not getting the engagement you seek, bribery and a points system might boost morale!

Step 3: Visibility is Key

Let's be honest, the invisible doesn't exist in a child's world. Add visibility by infusing colour and tactical elements to their school schedule. Hang their planners where they can see them, insist they tick off their tasks and note down their reminders too. Gentle reminders may be required while they adapt, so don’t be dismayed if it doesn’t take straight away. Visual cues work! Especially when you engage them in the process.

Step 4: Grab-and-Go Central

Juggling multiple kids and their school essentials during the morning hustle can feel like a daunting task. Turn the chaos into a well-oiled routine by designating a specific area for school supplies. Assign each child their basket, neatly packed with a week's worth of school uniforms, including socks and undies, along with bags, hats, shoes, and any other necessities. With this grab-and-go system, you'll find the morning rush magically transformed into a breeze. Problem solved!

Step 5: Nurture Independence

Coaching your kids to be independent beings is both an art and a survival skill. The good news is if you’ve already completed steps 1-4, you’re halfway there! Having dedicated school spaces and schedules gives your kids the tools they need to have ownership of their to-do’s. Foster their growth by stepping back a little. They can hunt for their hat in the morning if they forget to place it in their basket! Lost Library Books are no longer your liability - especially if they have pocket money to cover the fee. As a bonus, these lessons will demonstrate the ripple effect of their inaction. Boom!

Step 6: Reward Them!

Celebrate the wins, no matter how small. By rewarding good work you’ll encourage a repeat performance. Turn ticks into treats: one week of smooth mornings = one Saturday morning of fun. Or, make it monetary and let them choose if they spend or splurge! How this works for your family is up to you, but don’t skip it. That positive reinforcement will keep them working harder to get through the school year.

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