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(OFFTIME) - When the digital world takes over

So, most people who know me, know that I run a business. What they might not understand is the ridiculous amount of time I feel the need to be attached to my phone just in case a customer emails/texts/calls/private messages me. There are SOOOOO many ways to get in contact these days and whilst I am totally cool with that (after all I wouldn't run a business if I wasn't) sometimes I need to focus on what is most important.

I SHOULD have the will power to do this by myself. I should be able to simply switch the phone to silent or do not disturb. But you see, I like to be contactable by my family whenever they need me or the school or childcare as the case may be. I CAN use the do not disturb mode on my phone for this, but I think I am addicted to the phone. I can't help but check if someone has ordered (because I still get super excited every time someone does) or if there is something on Facebook that I have missed. Stupid I know, but that's just how it is. 

I came across an app recently, called (OFFTIME). Whilst I totally get the irony of using an app to stop me from using my phone, it has been just wonderful.

  • It allows you to set a time period for which you can't unlock your phone, except if you really need to - you just have to push past the notifications
  • It gives you the ability to ban yourself from using certain apps, whilst allowing access to others (I've allowed the camera and my calendar and a food app)
  • You can grant permission for calls and/or messages to come through


Family organised time management
  • It allows you to set a goal for the day e.g. less than 3 hours use per day
Family organised time management
  • It logs how much time you do use your phone for
Family organised time management
  • And once your offtime is over, it tells you everything you've missed in the digital world, whilst focusing on the real world
Family organised time management


I know it sounds mad, but it has really helped me disconnect from all of the ways I have been addicted to my phone. When I set my offtime which is for 1.5 hours, it comes up with 'family comes first' as a reminder that my phone and the world of Facebook isn't the real world. My little people and my gorgeous husband are the ones that matter the most. It helps with time management and planning our busy day because it allows me to switch off from the outside world and concentrate on getting ready for school drop off, or focus on what the kids did at school that day. 

It has allowed me to focus, to breathe, to forget about the white noise that is social media and give my poor eyes and thumbs some sweet relief from a scrolling screen!

Does this sound like something that might work for you?

This is not a sponsored post, just something I really like and works for me. If you're interested though, have a squiz here http://offtime.co/ There is a paid version, but you get all these bits and bobs for free :)

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