Our Top 3 Best Selling Planning Boards

To truly organise your life, you need to get all these details out of your head and laid out in front of you. Here are our top three best selling wall planners that will help you do just that.

The Planning Boards That You NEED in Your Home

Small Monthly Planner

If you’re new to using wall planners, ourSmall Monthly Planner is a great place to start. This tidy little board is the perfect compact size to keep on your fridge or the inside door of your pantry. Despite its convenient size, the small monthly planner is still big enough to keep track of all the most important day-to-day activities of your household.

This sleek planning board lets you plan out a full month in advance. Mark down upcoming birthdays, doctors and dentist appointments, school concerts, due dates, parent-teacher meetings, after school activities, playdates, date nights and whatever else is coming up in your busy schedule. You can even plan in advance, noting down next month’s events in the ‘Notes’ section.

Command Centre

Looking for something a little more intensive? Meet ourCommand Centre Wall Planner. This comprehensive planning board takes the monthly planner to a whole new level. Not only does it have a full monthly calendar but it also has plenty of room for notes, a menu planner, and a weekly planner.

These extras allow you to plan in more detail and customise your planning to you and your family’s needs. For example, you could use the weekly planner for a homework schedule, to keep track of weekly extra-curricular activities, or a chore schedule. The ample space for notes on the side is the perfect spot for shopping lists, events in upcoming months, a key so that you can colour code your calendar, or even just a spot to leave messages to family members so that no information gets lost, even with busy schedules. 

Due to popular demand, we've also released a Large Family Command Centrewhich has 8 huge boxes available for individual reminders/to-do lists!

Menu Planner

Last, but certainly not least, we have the planning board that every family needs: theMenu Planner. This planner was developed in response to an overwhelming amount of feedback from our customers. As per their requests, we have created a board that is small enough to fit on your fridge and large enough to plan out your meals for every day of the week. 

This planner is ideal for both tracking meals and planning and prepping them. Not only is there plenty of room to plan out a full week of meals, but there is also a large space for note-taking. This is the perfect spot for a running shopping list or for your kids to make requests for next week’s menu.Looking for more planning boards?Shop Online Now, or check out ourBlog for more organisation information.

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Sharon Baptist

Sharon Baptist

October 28, 2020

My planners are the very best things I have bought for my family!! I am in my second planner because I upsized ! My first one is now in the kids room to help them get organised



October 28, 2020

i love my daily planner. I use it to write down chores for my 12yr old. She checks the board every day after school and ticks them off. Saved my sanity!

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