Project Wall Planner - The Best Wall Planners For Your Next Project

For most of us, our wall planners are there to keep track of our everyday lives. They tell us when our next big event is, what chores need doing, when to take the bins out, what to cook for dinner, and when our next big deadline is coming up. Wall planners are a great way to keep track of multiple moving parts, visually displaying everything at a glance. For the same reason, they’re also great for planning out the nitty-gritty of your next big project. Here are our best project wall planners to keep you on track and organised. 

The Best Project Wall Planners To Keep You Organised

Visual Novel Planner

Always wanted to write a book? You don’t need to be a natural writer or even have a fully fleshed out idea just yet. The key is planning and putting in the time. Commit to putting pen to paper by planning it out on a visual novel planner. 

OurAnnual Wall Planner is the best fit for this project, showing you a full year at once so that you can track monthly deadlines and the entire project from start to finish. Mark when you need to have your full concept planned out, character profiles, chapter deadlines, and when you’re going to edit each chapter. By mapping it out you can break the project down into manageable chunks, preventing overwhelm and giving you a clear path forward.

Visual Fitness Planner

No matter who you are, you likely have some kind of health or fitness goal in mind. It could be anything from losing weight and gaining strength to simply going for more walks or incorporating more greens into your diet. Work towards it by giving yourself a daily reminder and schedule to follow on ourWeekly Wall Planner

This planner gives you enough space to plan out weekly workouts, meal prep, track calories, or any other health and fitness indicator. Dedicating an entire wall planner as your visual fitness planner will get you into a healthy routine, making you much more likely to work towards your health and fitness goals.

School Holiday Planner

When the kids are home for the holidays and you don’t have a plan, chaos can reign supreme. A school holiday planner is the easiest way to give your school holidays some structure. You don’t need to plan out every second. Simply marking down one activity or place to go each day can make the difference between a fun, productive day and a frustrating chorus of ‘I’m bored’.

OurMonthly Wall Planner is the way to go when planning out school holiday adventures. A great idea is to get your kids to help you fill out your wall project planner so that they can get excited for all the activities to come.

Business Wall Planner

Wall project planners aren’t just for home or personal projects. If you’re a visual thinker, having a project wall planner at work could be the perfect thing for you. It will give you a place to plan everything from meetings and deadlines to work functions and lunches.

For a business wall planner that leaves nothing behind, check out ourCommand Centre Wall Planner. This beauty not only has a monthly calendar but also has a spot for marking down your weekly routine which is perfect for recurring meetings and deadlines. There is also plenty of space for notes where you can detail individual projects you’re currently working on.

Family Travel Planner

Planing a big trip with the family? The most important part of a family travel planner is to make sure that everybody knows what they need to do before you set off. That’s where ourTo Do List comes in handy.

Be fully prepared for your next trip by putting every task that needs completing before you go up on the wall. This is ideal for ensuring the kids are packed and ready to go in the week before your flight. It also helps you remember the essentials, like taking the dog to the kennel and turning off any appliances you don’t want left on.

Looking for more wall planner inspiration? Check out ourBlog for organisation tips and more.

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