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Quiz Time! Which Wall Planner is Right For Me?

You know that wall planner will help you get organised, but which one? Here is our guide to which wall planner is right for you and your family. 

Find Out Which Wall Planner You Need

Is dinner always a headache?

You get home from a long day of work and have a look in the fridge, feeling uninspired. There is nothing to cook, so you put off scraping a meal together until it’s late and your stomach is growling. Cheese sandwiches it is. 

You need aMenu Wall Planner.

This one’s easy. If you’re constantly having trouble putting dinner together, a little planning goes a long way. Get yourself a menu planner and plan out a week’s worth of meals and groceries on the weekend. You’ll find that just having the choice taken away from you makes it so much easier to come home and simply start cooking whatever you have planned. For more tips on menu planning, click here. (link menu planning blog)

Is keeping track of everybody in your household a nightmare?

Managing your schedule is easy, the issue is when your family’s schedule clashes with your own. You have multiple kids with many hobbies, extracurricular activities, and thriving social lives - not to mention a partner who forgets to fill you in on what’s happening. With everybody running in all different directions, it’s impossible to find out what’s happening when until the last minute. 

You need aPersonalised Wall Planner.

With designated spots for everybody’s name, this weekly planner is customisable to your family. By giving each family member a row on the calendar, you’ll be able to see what everybody has going on that week without having to contact everyone individually. A good idea is to dedicate a row to the entire family so that everybody knows when a family event or task is coming up as well.

Do you struggle to plan ahead?

The average week for you is pretty organised. You get the kids to school on time, work doesn’t stress you out, and nothing tends to slip through the cracks. When something out of your daily routine happens however, everything hits the fan. It throws your whole day or week out of whack, making work stressful, you late, and the house a mess. 

You need anAnnual Wall Planner.

This beauty will let you plan out all of those out-of-the-blue events well in advance so that nothing sneaks up on you. By visually being able to see your entire year up on the wall, you won’t be caught off guard when your kid reminds you of a birthday party next week or you remember you have that big presentation at work. Everything is planned well in advance, giving you time to seamlessly slot events into your routine.

Are chores getting missed?

When you come home, nothing is done. There are dirty dishes in the sink, the bin is full, the dog hasn’t been walked, and the house is generally a mess. Your kids know that they have to do chores, but they conveniently ‘forget’ until you’re there to remind them.

You need theTo Do List.

Nobody in your family will be able to make the argument ‘How was I supposed to know you wanted me to do that?’ ever again. The To Do List is exactly what it sounds like, a giant to do list you can fill in however you like. There are spaces to check off each task every day of the week. No more excuses, your kids will know exactly what needs to be done without you saying a word.

Is everything a big old mess?

Nobody knows where they are supposed to be at any given time. The house is a mess, dinners are a daily struggle, and you have no idea what’s happening tomorrow, let alone next week. 

You need theCommand Centre Wall Planner.

This powerhouse planner has it all. A spot for meal planning, a whole month to fill in, blank sections to personalise, and a weekly run down at the top for recurring events and activities. There is even a notes section in case you just need to jot something down or make a quick list. This is THE planner for families who desperately need some organisation in their lives, from all fronts.

Got a little one (or even a big one) starting school?

You need the First Day of School planner. They are the perfect gift to commemorate their first day!

Looking for more organisation tips? Check out ourBlog for content, and make sure you browse through ourWall Planners to find the right one for you.

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