School Hacks From Our Favourite Insta Mums

We LOVE a good hack. A hack that makes school life a bit easier on us, we love even more. If you’re already over the school lunch, homework, clean uniform hustle we’re right there with you. When in doubt? Instagram is always the answer. We went down a huuuugggeee rabbit hole to find the very best school hacks on the interwebs so you don’t have to. Boom! Without further ado, here are the creme de la creme of hacks to make the school juggle way easier…and prettier.

Skip the cling wrap from@sarahkearnsofficial

Cling wrap was obviously invented by someone with a lot of patience with zero care factor for the planet. One of our favourite mums, Sarah Kearns has THE solution for fuss-free lunches that are easy for the kids to access, seamless for mums to use and, they’re the sustainable choice.Enter, Wrap’d - the silicone wrap holder.


Label Uniforms Like A Boss from@mrs.preen

Labelling school uniforms is annoying, fact. The choice is Iron-on labels which are fiddly or handwriting names with a sharpie. Boo to that! Not anymore.TeachitCo’s fabric name stamp allows you to stamp and go in a jiffy. Personalise it with your child's name and even a character if you like and you’ll never look back. Thanks for the hot tip Mrs Preen! 


Set Up A School Station with@organisedsimplicity 

Trying to get multiple children out the door with all their school bits and bobs is near impossible some days. This school station is actual genius! Add baskets with five days worth of school uniforms (including socks and undies) + bags, shoes and anything else they may need and viola! Problem solved. 


Store Keepsakes from@insta.mumma

We’re all guilty of ‘losing’ those piles of artwork and random certificates but misplacing the good stuff sucks. These little keepsake boxes created by @insta.mumma makes the whole process simpler and prettier all at once. Best of all, everything you need is at K-Mart! 


BONUS: Schedule It!

A plan without a schedule is basically a pipe dream. With all the activities that go along with school life, a visual reminder will help you keep on-top of the ‘stuff’. Colour code each person in the house and add it all to awall planner. Trust us, it’s a game changer. 


School Hack


Got a back to school hack worth sharing?Email us so we can share it with our masses of overwhelmed parents.  

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