Small business Sunday - Empowering Resources

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a lot of stories going on in my head. In fact, it makes me tired just thinking about the amount of stuff I have going on up there. Thankfully, I have never put pen to paper to write a book because I’m sure it would come out in some other language.

One author I know, however has the admirable skill of being able to write stories that not only connect with children, but empower them. I am talking about Naomi Hunter, Director of publishing company Empowering Resources. Naomi and her husband, Jeremy, created Empowering Resources with the following mission:

“To be a leader of dialogue. To be a voice. To provide resources that initiate conversations in the home and in the media. We lead dialogue by representing authors and speakers who have a story to share. We provide resources that help people of any age understand complex emotional and psychological issues. Our dialogue is structured for a child’s level of understanding.”

It is safe to say that they do not disappoint. Since their inception, I have purchased three of their books – “A Secret Safe to Tell”, “Even Mummy Cries”, and “Just Like Molly”. “Just Like Molly” was written by another author, but I will discuss that a bit later.

Naomi’s first book, “A Secret Safe to Tell” is quite a confronting story about body safety and the importance of not keeping secrets when something is making you uncomfortable. As an adult who knows the author’s story, it brings out very deep emotions and fear. As a child reading or hearing the story, it allows them to realise that a trusted adult will allow you to set your mind at ease, and allow you to tell your truth, without judgement or fear. A feeling every child should have in their lives.

“Even Mummy Cries”, is a book that is particularly close to my heart as I am one of those Mums who cries….a lot. Sometimes my daughter understands but sometimes she just doesn’t. Whether it is a happy or a sad cry, sometimes it can be overwhelming. This book has the ability to tell kids that it is ok for Mummy to cry. Sometimes she has rough days, but in the end, she will always love you, no matter what. No matter how many times I tell my kids I love them, even on the bad days, sometimes it takes another voice to help them hear the message.

The final book that I have had the pleasure of reading in my house, is my daughter’s favourite, and I think I know why. This book was written by a young lady named Pippa Dowling. She wrote “Just Like Molly” when she was just 10 years old. She speaks in a child’s language and connects easily. “Just Like Molly” focuses on the old childhood uncertainties of joining a new school or environment, and it gives reassurance that there is a friend out there that is perfect for them. This was particularly pertinent in our house when our daughter joined a new Kinder group. It helped her understand that whilst she could still be close to her old friends, she would also find friends in her new group too.

On a personal level, I have known the Hunters for a very long time, and to see their messages be passed on to families in such a special way makes me extremely proud, and to build a publishing company that allows other authors to share their stories is just phenomenal.

I’m also very excited to share the news with you that they’re expecting another 7 titles for delivery in August! There is a whopping 20% off the price if you order before they arrive to the publisher, and you can get free shipping if you enter code ‘freeship’ at checkout. I invite you all to look at http://www.empoweringresources.com.au/ and once you’ve had a browse, click on the Purchase button to chose your book or pack. If you have children in your lives, I can assure you, there will be at least one book in their collection that will strike a chord.

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