Small business Sunday - Juzii Jewellery

With a young girl in the house, any parcel that arrives in the mail was bound to be a hit, but when we received Juzii Jewellery’s package, let’s just say her excitement level went into overload! With a Silver Netball necklace and a Golden Horse Necklace, she couldn’t decided which she wanted the most, so we had to put them on a schedule. And no, she wasn’t allowed to wear them to bed despite her begging and pleading J

Juzii Jewellery has been operating since 2005, which goes to show that they’ve stood the test of time in such a competitive market – you can see why, too. A huge range of charms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more, to suit any style is waiting for you on their site. With most of the necklaces priced at $9.95 it is the perfect place to go to buy your next birthday present for the smaller people in your life. Better yet, there is free shipping in Australia!

Juzii Jewellery has a massive range of charm jewellery in stock, including sports, musical instruments, dance, gemstones, initials and numbers, and religious just to name a few. Even more exciting, is that they can make customised items for your business, sports team, school, special event or fundraiser. With payment methods including Afterpay, credit card and direct deposit, buying charm jewellery for your business or loved one has never been easier. Visit http://www.juzii.com.au/ to grab your jewellery today.

Juzii jewelleryJuzii jewelleryJuzii jewellery

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