Small business Sunday - Love Twinkletoes

After you read this, make sure you have a look at the video. The video will make more sense :)

As a parent or carer of a child, when they grow up, you’re often left with the keepsake clothes that they wore as a baby, that you will treasure forever. They will sit in a box for years upon years, perhaps to get passed down to another generation, or perhaps even to just gather dust. Joanne Grimanis from Love Twinkletoes will change this for you forever. Joanne takes the clothes of loved ones or from special occasions and crafts them into the most beautiful keepsake items to cherish always.

When I sent our daughter’s baby clothes off to Joanne, I was excited and also a touch scared – what if it wasn’t perfect, what if our daughter’s baby clothes were gone forever? They’re so precious, and to be sending them to a complete stranger to cut into pieces was a big thing for me. My oh my, was I thrilled when I received my bear back, all nicely tucked into a box.

Rosie, as my daughter has now named her, was absolutely perfect. You’ll see from my reaction in the video at my immediate emotional response when I opened the box. Feelings of relief, love and happiness washed over me, knowing that I would forever have memories of our daughter as a baby, represented in this way.

Thinking also about friends who may have had an angel baby, or a little one who has gone too soon, or even for those with partners away for work, these keepsake bears are absolutely amazing and have the capacity to provide such comfort for people in times of need and mourning or grief. Rest assured, Joanne creates each piece individually and with the greatest of care, and your memories will be preserved forever. Crafting such beautiful work is a wonderful skill, and I can’t thank Joanne enough for our beautiful Rosie bear. If you’re thinking of a present for a loved one, or even yourself, it will be hard to go past Love Twinkletoes. Check them out at www.lovetwinkletoes.com.au

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