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Craft activities – some love them and some…well, not so much. For those on the not so much side, I’m about to change your perspective. I recently had the very great pleasure of creating a Rainbow tutu from Milkbox Craft, a Canberra-based business run by Mum of two, Tash Jennings.

From the moment I received my parcel, I knew it was going to be of excellent quality. The sticker on the outside showed the fun and personality of the brand, and then when I opened the outer packaging, to my surprise (I’m not sure why I was surprised given the business name…) there was a cardboard milkbox in there, along with the sweetest little business card I’ve seen!

As a child opening the milkbox, I think it creates real intrigue and excitement because it is out of the ordinary – it’s not just packaged in plastic wrap like you find at stores who sell in bulk. It is clear that Tash has thought about the whole user experience when unwrapping the craft materials.

When my daughter and I opened the box, we found beautifully, perfectly rolled tulle carefully tucked into the milkbox with clear instructions, a ribbon and a sweet little heart diamante to finish the tutu off in style. I didn’t know how many pieces of tulle to expect, but there were heaps! Enough to keep us entertained for quite a while, and it gave us a chance to work together on something without her darling little brother interrupting (he was asleep when we made it). So not only did we have an awesome time making it, we had some really nice play time later in the day. We had princesses and fairies, her little brother was dressed up as though the tutu was a wedding veil and my husband was some sort of colourful monster… very strange indeed!

Milkbox craft doesn’t only do craft kits though; they also do party kits, handmade tutus and hair clips (or clippies, as my daughter calls them) and a whole host of other things to help you get your craft on!

There is clearly a lot of care put into each craft kit in the Milkbox craft range, and to be honest, that’s what you get from small businesses. It is a huge level of care and attention to detail. What I also love, is that by supporting ventures like Milkbox craft, you’re supporting the little guy (or gal) here in Australia and helping build successful family businesses.

So after seeing awesome quality, having fun with your children and actually ending up with something useful and durable, you’re telling me you’re still not into crafty things? Go on, check out Milkbox craft – I know you’ll be inspired!


Rainbow tutu milkbox craftRainbow tutu milkbox craft

Rainbow tutu milkbox craftRainbow tutu milkbox craft


Tash Jennings

Tash Jennings said:

Thanks so much Kelly, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! ☺

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