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Picture this; you’ve finally sat down at the table after preparing what feels like 5 different meals for 4 people, you’ve got the baby in the highchair but aren’t sure he is going to stay there because he is a master escape artist. You start to give him his meal then it comes… it’s like you’re in an emergency theatre – WIPES – I NEED WIPES! GET ME A SIPPY CUP – WE NEED WATER OVER HERE, STAT! WHERE IS DUCKY? I NEED DUCKY TO MAKE HIM LAUGH SO HE WILL OPEN HIS MOUTH TO EAT – AAARGGGHHH!!!

Yep, we’ve all been there. Nothing is EVER in reach when you need it. Well, that was yesterday. Kirsty O’Loughlin from the Jack and Ollie store has come up with an amazing High Chair Caddy to sit over the back of a high chair, or a regular chair, to hold all of life’s essentials when you have a little person in tow. They are beautifully made and arrive carefully wrapped in tissue paper. I love the attention to detail by small businesses – it makes such a difference! Each pocket is big enough to hold wipes, cups, straws, bibs, whatever you need really, to make mealtime fuss free, and to save your legs from getting up one thousand times per meal!

They come in two sizes and in a range of fabulous designs, and the best thing is, that they can be used for years beyond toddlerhood – they are perfect for the back of desk chairs too, to hold papers, pencils and everything else that crowds your child’s desk. You could even leave one over the dining chair so that the table is neatly packed away for dinner, yet keeps their homework essentials handy. So clever!

If you know of someone who feels like an octopus at dinnertime, trying to keep everything in arms reach, be an awesome friend, and grab one of these Jack and Ollie High Chair Caddies. Trust me, they’ll be thanking you. Until 04 June, there is also 20% off full priced items in store using code ‘dailyorders20’ – be quick before they all go!

The Jack and Ollie Store high chair caddyThe Jack and Ollie Store high chair caddy

The Jack and Ollie Store high chair caddy

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