Social proof and the value of a purchase

At this time of the year, everyone is looking for good value ‘stuff’ to buy for Christmas. It’s no secret that the big brands and even the little ones like me promote our businesses through Facebook, Instagram and Google to make sure we get in your face and stay in your mind! I’ve heard research that suggests it takes from 7-12 impressions before someone can build enough trust to commit to buy. That is a LOT of Facebook ads!

Other elements in the buyer’s journey look at social proof – how many Facebook followers do they have, how many likes on a post, have they worked with any big names? This all gives the buyer confidence that what they’re considering buying might be worthwhile.

What is the most important element in building trust in a buyer’s journey? Positive customer reviews! Sure, you can fake a couple of five star reviews here and there, but when people put their name (and these days their profile pic) to a review, it is more likely to be genuine. Those genuine reviews help to build trust in a business, and in their products. Social proof is a fairly good measure of an established business' credentials. 

So what happens when someone says that your product is too expensive? I’ve had them all, including my top three:

  • I can do that myself
  • I can get that from Bunnings
  • That’s expensive for a piece of plastic

You know what, they’re all true! You sure can go and get a piece of plastic, draw some lines on it and have it simulate our planners. You can try to get someone to cut and polish your piece of plastic, you can drill holes in it. But the truth is, it won't be the excellent quality that ours is, it won't have the finish that ours does, and it doesn't have our customer service! :)

The thing is, a lot of our customers are time poor. They lead extremely busy lives, whether they have children or not, run a business or not, and quite frankly, can’t be bothered doing what is necessary to create something like our planners! Our planners solve a problem. They create a stylish solution to the craziness that occurs in our everyday lives. They smooth out the planning bumps in our week so there are no mishaps around school pickup time. They de-conflict meetings and appointments so you don’t embarrass yourself. And better yet, they're brilliant quality (and if not we fix it), they're delivered to your door and you don't have to worry about a thing!

To some, they are an expensive piece of plastic. To others, they are lifesavers! Value is different to price, and ALL of the elements of a purchase should be taken into account before buying, not just social proof. Yes there are cheapies at Kmart, yes there are imitation ones that will peel off your fridge. There will ALWAYS be a cheaper option. But do you want cheap, or do you want reliable, durable, Australian-made?

Remember to think about lifetime VALUE when you buy!

Check out some of our amazing reviews to see what I’m talking about (and to build that social proof!)

Is your review on there or are you still on the fence about buying?

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