Small business Sunday - Love Twinkletoes

Small business Sunday - Love Twinkletoes

After you read this, make sure you have a look at the video. The video will make more sense :)

As a parent or carer of a child, when they grow up, you’re often left with the keepsake clothes that they wore as a baby, that you will treasure forever. They will sit in a box for years upon years, perhaps to get passed down to another generation, or perhaps even to just gather dust. Joanne Grimanis from Love Twinkletoes will change this for you forever. Joanne takes the clothes of loved ones or from special occasions and crafts them into the most beautiful keepsake items to cherish always.

When I sent our daughter’s baby clothes off to Joanne, I was excited and also a touch scared – what if it wasn’t perfect, what if our daughter’s baby clothes were gone forever? They’re so precious, and to be sending them to a complete stranger to cut into pieces was a big thing for me. My oh my, was I thrilled when I received my bear back, all nicely tucked into a box.

Rosie, as my daughter has now named her, was absolutely perfect. You’ll see from my reaction in the video at my immediate emotional response when I opened the box. Feelings of relief, love and happiness washed over me, knowing that I would forever have memories of our daughter as a baby, represented in this way.

Thinking also about friends who may have had an angel baby, or a little one who has gone too soon, or even for those with partners away for work, these keepsake bears are absolutely amazing and have the capacity to provide such comfort for people in times of need and mourning or grief. Rest assured, Joanne creates each piece individually and with the greatest of care, and your memories will be preserved forever. Crafting such beautiful work is a wonderful skill, and I can’t thank Joanne enough for our beautiful Rosie bear. If you’re thinking of a present for a loved one, or even yourself, it will be hard to go past Love Twinkletoes. Check them out at

June 25, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small business Sunday - Juzii Jewellery

Small business Sunday - Juzii Jewellery

With a young girl in the house, any parcel that arrives in the mail was bound to be a hit, but when we received Juzii Jewellery’s package, let’s just say her excitement level went into overload! With a Silver Netball necklace and a Golden Horse Necklace, she couldn’t decided which she wanted the most, so we had to put them on a schedule. And no, she wasn’t allowed to wear them to bed despite her begging and pleading J

Juzii Jewellery has been operating since 2005, which goes to show that they’ve stood the test of time in such a competitive market – you can see why, too. A huge range of charms, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and much more, to suit any style is waiting for you on their site. With most of the necklaces priced at $9.95 it is the perfect place to go to buy your next birthday present for the smaller people in your life. Better yet, there is free shipping in Australia!

Juzii Jewellery has a massive range of charm jewellery in stock, including sports, musical instruments, dance, gemstones, initials and numbers, and religious just to name a few. Even more exciting, is that they can make customised items for your business, sports team, school, special event or fundraiser. With payment methods including Afterpay, credit card and direct deposit, buying charm jewellery for your business or loved one has never been easier. Visit to grab your jewellery today.

Juzii jewelleryJuzii jewelleryJuzii jewellery

June 04, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small Business Sunday - Little Bubba

Small Business Sunday - Little Bubba

When you’re expecting a baby, you want what’s best for their divine newborn skin once they reach the harsh outside world. Nicole and Robbie White from Little Bubba have you covered. Their deliciously soft children’s clothing is exactly what you would want to put on your children of any age, and their sizing goes up to a size 2 so you will have a long time in their clothes!

We were lucky enough to receive two pieces of clothing to have a look at for you, and I have to say, one thing I love about receiving parcels from small businesses, is the care they take in their packaging. It’s certainly no cheap plastic pocket here. Nicole beautifully gift wraps every order in custom tissue paper and seals it with a sticker. It is these extra touches that help you know that you’re buying from someone who cares about you and your family, and you’re helping a Mumma stay at home to look after her kids rather than filling the pockets of the ridiculously wealthy corporate giants!

With core values of quality, comfort and practicality, they have hit the nail on the head. The pieces are definitely of beautiful quality the ones I received were 100% cotton and felt just divine!

Not only do they stock amazing clothes that will leave your kids feeling super snuggly and comfy, but bibs, blankets and wraps with the sweetest designs too. The ones I have shown here are just a sample, there are many beautiful designs to choose from. 

If you are looking for clothing of exceptional quality whether it is for your own little person, or a gift for a dear friend who is expecting, Little Bubba have definitely got you covered. And with afterpay, there are no excuses not to buy!

Grab your delightfully soft bubba clothes at

Little Bubba Little Bubba  Little Bubba  Little Bubba  Little Bubba  Little Bubba

May 21, 2017 by Kelly Walter
Small Business Sunday - Kiddipedia

Small Business Sunday - Kiddipedia

A World First Parenting Website, right here in Australia.

There are roughly 3 million families with children 0-17 years in Australia today and a countless amount of parenting websites, books, magazines, print publications to choose from; this can leave parents overwhelmed with choices. With all this noise how do parents know where to go to for their answers? How can we make life easier for the everyday busy parent to give them the tools & support in what is one of the hardest jobs in the world?

Parents want to give their children best life possible and be the best parent they can be. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have a touch of fear run through your veins when you find out you’re going to be a parent for the first time.

Mother Google unfortunately doesn’t provide a micro keyword search on individual articles for Australian parenting websites either, coupled with this Google Ads can get in the way trying to sell you something that, lets face it, you don’t really want. In the era that ‘content is king’ how do we best support our parents to save them time, make their life easier and give them answers fast?

Kiddipedia is a world first website here in Australia, a revolutionary concept in creating a mini google site for parents allowing Australian parents to access Australia’s top parenting articles from one place. It was created to simply ‘help’ and ‘support’ the everyday busy parent so they could search all the best content from the top parenting websites from one search bar. To save them time and give them answers, fast.

Kiddipedia not only assists parents in achieving their individual life goals to ‘Be all you can be’ and supports parents to nurture their child to ‘give your children the life they deserve and a positive future,' Kiddipedia encourages parents to raise their children so they will grow up and continue passing this onto their children, and their children's children, to help grow a better tomorrow & stronger Australia, for everyone.

Kiddipedia is a World First Parenting website and are proud to be in partnership with Daily Orders commencing in April 2017.

April 23, 2017 by Kelly Walter