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That’s Not What It’s Used For: Luggage

Being organised is what we do best here at Daily Orders HQ! 

Luggage, especially vintage suitcases, have many purposes other than making travel easy. They’re also decorative and can serve more purposes than originally intended for! Do you have empty luggage suitcases hanging around and gathering dust? Then let's get creative and start repurposing them into something decorative!

Here are some of the best ways you can repurpose an old suitcases for use in the home:


suitcase shelving

Source: Remodelaholic


Turn it into shelving!

Got an awkward corner in your home you want to eliminate? Line your old luggage’s interiors with decorative wallpaper and add shelves where you can place attractive momentos or books. To complete the look, add peg legs to lift your new corner shelf from the floor.


suticase buffet

Source: A Cultivated Nest


Use it as a foundation for a buffet side or hall table

This project is perfect if you have tons of suitcases lying around. Carefully stack your luggage on top of each other. If wobbly, you'll have to secure these together. Then, place a slab of wood on top to create the table top. Make sure to secure them all together if you’ve decided on using them permanently.


suitcase chair
Source: Homedit


Turn it into a mini sofa

Create a cozy mini sofa by attaching 4 peg legs underneath and upholstering cushions to serve as the seat and back rest. You may want to ask someone experienced in the upholstery area to make sure your measurements are all correct and that it’s safe to sit on!


cat suitcase bed
Source: Homedit

Turn it into a pet bed

Provide your favourite pet with a fun and comfortable bed by adding a cushion on one half of an old suitcase. Use any form of footing to lift your pet’s bed from the floor. It creates quite the talking piece!


suticase vintage vanity
Source: Homedit


Use it to store your vanity items (even on-the-go!)

Organise your very own vanity suitcase with true vibrance and character. Install mini lights, a mirror, and tiny shelves inside your repurposed luggage. You can also try hanging the repurposed luggage on your bathroom wall to replace your old vanity cabinet for a talking piece in the bathroom!


Doesn’t luggage look more trendy as repurposed furniture? Give it a try today and share a photo of your masterpiece on our Facebook page

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