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That's not what it's used for: Cheese Grater


Being organised is what we do best here at Daily Orders HQ. 

But with so many organisation tips out there, sometimes it can lead to information overload. 

To brighten your month, keep an eye out for our exciting new series where we bring you simple ideas which will bring out the creative organisation in just about anyone! 

Cheese Graters. They help you with your cheese for your pizza or pasta and they help with creating crumbs for your art projects. But did you know that they're not just good for grating and turning solid materials into crumbs? You can also use this kitchen device for keeping your accessories, specifically your earrings, in order.  

Here are a few ways you can repurpose your cheese graters into something adorable for your accessory storage needs: 

 Give it a retro twist  

Colour your cheese grater in a shade of pastel and use metal hooks and old wooden beads to give it more height and style. 

 organise cheese grater earring holder daily orders wall planner

Use stencil and spray paint 

Get creative! Throw on a nice stencil with attractive patterns over your cheese grater and spray away. Remember to place newspapers around the area you’ll be spraying on to avoid ruining the floor or the walls.  

 daily orders wall planner cheese grater earring holder


Hang it on the wall 

If you don’t have enough space on your vanity to keep a repurposed 4-sided cheese grater earring holder, mount a one-sided one on the wall. You can even get creative and paint it in any colour you desire.  

 daily orders wall planner cheese grater earring holder

Channel your inner artist 

Ditch the usual repurposing styles and create your own work of art by customizing it the way you want it to look. Implement a certain theme to it that screams “you” in one look.  

 daily orders wall planner cheese grater earring holder

Give it more purpose 

Don’t just repaint and add decorative elements to it. Give it more purpose such as a combination earring holder plus to do list hanger.  

daily orders wall planner cheese grater earring holder to do list 

What do you think of the Cheese Grater Earrings? If you liked our organisation hack and give it a try - please share a photo on our Facebook page or comment with your thoughts below. For more organisation hacks and tips, please visit our blog today!  

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