That's not what it's used for: Colander
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Colanders. They strain the water from your pasta and veggies. But did you know they can be decorative, too? Got a spare colander you’re no longer using? Time to get crafty and use it for a project today! 

Here are some of the best ways one can repurpose an old colander anywhere in your home: 

Turn it into a retro wind chime!  

home organisation

Colanders are not just useful with straining water, they’re very decorative, too! Hang forks, spoons, cookie cutters, and other kinds of safe, metallic utensils and tie them with strings beneath your colander to create a retro wind chime. 

Use it to hang plants 

home kitchen organisation colander art

Hang attractive plants or flowers using colanders as its base and a thin chain link and an old hanger as support. 


Use it to support your lighting fixtures  

home kitchen organisation

Give your simple lighting fixtures a twist by using old colanders as a shade. You may even coat it with fresh paint to match the aesthetics of the room you’ll be using it in.   

Turn it into a night light  

kitchen home organisation

Fancy spending your cozy nights in dim lighting? Turn 2 old colanders into a night light by drilling patterned holes on it. Place a lighting fixture inside before carefully attaching the second colander to the inverted colander. Hang your finished night light and admire your hard work! 

Use it to hang your jewellery 

jewellery organisation

Got tons of jewellery that you struggle to keep them all in one place? Your old colander has just the perfect solution for you!  

Thinking of repurposing an old colander hanging around at home? Do give it a try and please share a photo of your handiwork on our Facebook page or tell us what you think through a comment below. For more organisation hacks and tips, please visit our blog today! 


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