Small Business Sunday - The Artshow That Came to Life at Bundock Primary School

When I was a younger I loved to read. As a teenager some of my favourites were books by R.L. Stine and John Marsden’s “Tomorrow when the War Began” series. That’s still my favourite series to be honest! Along with these books, I was also a HUGE fan of choose your own adventure books. I loved being able to get to the bottom of the page to discover where my decision would take me. Not only did it mean that you could go on one adventure, like in a normal book, it meant that the next day, you could read it again and come out with a completely different ending. I loved the brilliance of the writing. Complicated to write, but very, very cool to read.

Melanie Notaras has come up with a choose your own adventure with a superb twist. Not only has Melanie written and illustrated this book beautifully, but it has a whopping 22 possible endings. The title of the book is “The Art Show that came to life at Bundock Primary School and can be bought by itself for your young adventurer to read. But what makes this adventurous book even twistier, is that these choose your own adventure books are the centre of a new school fundraising initiative that encourages reading and community involvement rather than chocolates or biscuits, which often promote poor eating and exclude a wide range of participants due to allergies or other health concerns.

The standalone book is called “The Art Show that came to life at Bundock Primary School” but when purchased as a fundraiser, the book features your school’s name, four teachers, uniform colour, local art galleries and book cover, which helps to bring your children right into the story.

Even better, Melanie’s books are printed locally in Australia and both the books and the shipping cartons are produced from renewable resources which means that they are not only great for our children’s minds, but great for the planet too!

So next time your committee comes to you with fundraising ideas, wanting to do yet another Caramello Koala box, send them to where you can personalise your novel, raise funds for your school, encourage your children to read and the school gets to keep the profits from the sales of the book, to use at their discretion. Some people are so clever, aren’t they?!

If you’re interested purchasing the original book, “The Art Show that came to life at Bundock Primary School” head to , and if you’d like to start your fundraising adventure, head on over to

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