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The Benefits of Running Your Family Like a Business

Running your family like a business might sound like an episode of 'Succession' but, there are some real benefits to streamlining how you do all 'o the things. From chores to meal planning and schedules - there's no reason you can't put your big business hat on when it's needed. By implementing systems, reducing risks, optimising workflows, and maximising efficiency, you can streamline your family's routine and reduce stress. 

The trick? Don’t act like the Succession family just strategise your workload like the CEO you are.

Run Your Family Like A Business

Operations: The Family Strategy 

Something I see all too often is one person taking responsibility for the entire workload. The best managers have confidence in their employees and their abilities. Stop micromanaging your crew, empower them instead! Giving everyone an insight into the inner workings of the home creates clarity. 

✅ Set aside a time to host a weekly family meeting where you can run through household operations, activities and schedules. 

Plan Your Family Schedule

Systems: The Family Engine

Once you’ve strategised the operations of your home, you need a system to keep it running. By establishing a process for completing tasks and determining who is responsible, you can reduce chaos and improve efficiency. 

✅ Create a household task list that outlines what needs to be done and assign a coordinator. You can break this down by task (ie: school lunches) or time (ie: weekly/monthly) to simplify. 

🗓️ Make it official and add each item to your  Family Command Centre.

Family Command Centre

Workflow: The Functional Family 

When you're juggling multiple responsibilities and household tasks every day, it can be challenging to keep track of everything without feeling overwhelmed. This is where routines can make a huge difference. 

✅ Establish consistent routines for each family member to keep everyone accountable. 

🗓️ Grab a  To-Do List and wave goodbye to micromanaging!

Family To Do List

Efficiency: The Optimised Family 

Now that you have your operations, systems and workflow sorted, it’s time to maximise your efficiency. Using calendars and checklists to keep track of appointments, events, chores and deadlines can help ensure that nothing is forgotten or overlooked. Take it one step further and assign a colour to each family member.

✅ Create consistency with one colour per person for everything: lunchbox, drink bottle, washing basket, pencil case andcalendar reminders/to-dos

Maximise Your Efficiency

Finances: The Fiscal Family 

When it comes to managing a family, financial planning can easily fall by the wayside. Taking a business-like approach to your family's finances can reap benefits in the long run. Create a list of income and expenditure and identify how you can save money as a family. Get everyone involved so you can work together to reach your goal. This might include fewer outings,cooking at home and decreasing expenses like subscriptions.

✅ Set up a pocket-money system that correlates to workflow and efficiency. Ask each kid to work towards a reward.  

✅ Start a family savings account and celebrate each milestone. 

Save Money With Meal Planning

Risk Management: The Back-Up Plan 

Identifying risk and taking a proactive approach to minimise the impact is a solid business strategy that is oh-so-needed at home. Having a plan for common family stressors just makes sense. 

✅ Optimise your morning routine. This can include setting out clothes and prepping lunches the night before, setting alarms earlier and creating a breakfast basket for grab-and-go options.  

✅ Minimise the impacts of meltdowns. Establish a calm-down area and provide tools to self-regulate. This might include sensory toys, music or comfort items for each family member (including you, ha!). 

✅ Create a contingency plan. Emergencies can derail anyone, especially families! Keep a contacts list on the fridge that includes 000 along with close friends and relatives so everyone can act fast if needed. 

Run Your Family Like A Business

By implementing systems, eliminating risks, optimising workflows, maximising efficiency, and planning financially for your family, you can streamline your life and reduce stress. Taking a more business-like approach to the operational aspect will give you more time to enjoy the fun stuff. 

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