The Perfect Wall Planner For Your Phase Of Parenting
If you're like me, you're always looking for new ways to keep family-life on track. Wall planners have always worked best for me which is why I started this business. The problem with most wall planners out there is that they don't fit everyone's needs exactly; one may be perfect for scheduling appointments but useless for adding reminders for the whole family.
That's why I created this simple guide to finding the right planner for you based on your parenting phase. 

Families With Kids Under 4

Ah, the wonderful world of parenting babies and toddlers! Caffeine, power-naps and a never-ending washing pile is your life now. While the physical demands are intense, the logistical demands are thankfully, less. Your kids go where you go and haven’t made their own friends yet so you don’t need room for the VIPs on your planner. 
The perfect wall planner for you is aMonthly Wall Planner.The simple way to plan out your month with room for:
  • Appointments 
  • Birthdays + dates to remember 
  • Daycare + kindy stuff
  • Fun family activities 
  • Parent schedules 
Monthly Wall Planner
Simply wipe clean and plan again and again! Available in small, medium and large there’s one for every space. Don’t forget tograb some chalk markers so you can coordinate mum, dad + the kids for easy to follow visuals. 

Families With Kids Under 12

Ok, this is where the logistical load matches the mental load. Not only do you have all the things that go along with primary school you’re also in the thick of teaching independence at home. Incorrectly touted as the ‘golden years’ of parenting, what it really should be referred to is the growth-phase of parenting. 
Your schedule is tight and sometimes, impossible, you need a planner that does it all. There’s no better than theCommand Centre Wall Planner.The heavy-weight champion of planners, you’ve got room for it all including: 
  • Monthly Schedule 
  • Weekly Calendar 
  • Menu Plan 
  • Shopping List 
  • To-Do List x 4
  • Notes Section 
Command Centre Wall Planner
If you're a visual person, you’ll love how simple it is to keep track of the myriad of appointments, events and to-do’s using the Command Centre. Hang it in an easy-to-view location (like in your kitchen) so the whole family can get involved. The best part about this kind of wall planner? It can be reused every month! 

Families With Kids Under 18

This is where life gets a little less physically demanding but oh so emotionally taxing. High-school kids have busy lives both socially and academically. As their independence increases, they’ll likely respond to their own planners you know, since teenagers are ‘so cool’ and ‘don’t need your help’, ha ha. 
Get them on the right track with aSchool Term Planner.This simple wall planner is designed specifically to support school-aged kids with the whole term (12 weeks) laid out weekly with: 
  • Ample space for notes
  • Schedules, lessons & due dates 
  • Planning
School Term Planner
They can even colour code per subject or priority to get on top of their workload.

BONUS: All Families 

These wall planners have total clout when it comes to busy parent life during all phases. 
This calendar is great for creating an annual plan that includes all your key dates, from holidays and birthdays to important events. Whether you're a mum of three or one who just wants to keep track of everything, this option will have you feeling in control all year round. 
Annual Wall Planner
If you're like many of us and struggle to keep healthy food in the fridge on a regular basis, this might be the one for you. Menu planning is a tried and tested method of getting organised. Better yet, it saves money and time when it comes to feeding your family.
It's also a great way to teach your children about sustainable eating habits—so they don't grow up thinking that takeout is the norm. 
Menu Planner
There are two types of to-do's: big and little. And they're not exclusive to one planner or the other. You can use your command centre wall planner to help you get your little things done, but you may need a separate one for kids chores, workload planning or complex stuff you need to action. 
To Do List
However you do life,acolourful family wall planner is the perfect way to get everyone involved and stay on track. Schedules, school, to-do’s, groceries…the list is never ending but with the right planner, you can tackle your schedule with way less overwhelm. 

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